Free beers for people who stand for hope, not hate

Free beers for people who stand for hope, not hate

Today we were the victim of Fake News, with Scofflaw falsely promoting an offer for Trump supporters in our bars that we had no idea about.

We’d like to again categorically confirm we did not know of, endorse or approve this promotion and as a result we’ll be sending all the Scofflaw beer from our bars back to the US. We had planned to stock their beers in our bars, and hold collaborative tasting events, but nobody ever mentioned anything about Trump to us.

We will also offer that free beer they promised, but this time it will be Punk IPA (or any of our other headliners) to anyone who shows up to our bars in the name of love not hate. All you need to do is tell the bar staff at any UK BrewDog bar, BrewDog Brussels or BrewDog Berlin Mitte you’re a lover not a hater, and we’ll pour you a free pint.

From what we can tell, the rogue press release about the weird Trump offer was sent to media without us ever seeing it, let alone agreeing to it, from Scofflaw’s PR agency, Frank PR. It’s not just that it wasn’t approved that is the issue for us here – it’s the fact that the offer directly contradicts our own views and values at BrewDog.

We’ve been pretty clear about our views here in the past. When The Donald pulled out of the Paris Accord, we produced a protest beer called Make Earth Great Again, drawing attention to the ingredients under threat from climate change and donating profits to climate change action group 10:10.

When we opened our US brewery last year, we unveiled our ‘Bar on the Edge’ – a temporary bar straddling the US-Mexico border in the name of collaboration, emblazoned with the words: “Make Beer not Walls”.

Collaboration and inclusivity are at the heart of what we do – which we felt (and still do) stands in direct contrast with the views of the Trump administration’s plans to build a wall. That’s why we’d never offer a discount to those supporting Trump.

We will continue to care about people, and beer – not hate.

Keep on rocking in the free world.

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Steve K 28.09.2018 @ 11:49am
Russ 28.09.2018 @ 6:19am
Well done. This kind of action is exactly why I invested in you.
christopher 27.09.2018 @ 9:50pm
i love brewdog i cant get enough of it i could drink it everyday
Lisa 27.09.2018 @ 9:42pm
Cheers brewdog... I'll drink to that ????
Mike 27.09.2018 @ 9:04pm
???? Well done!
anonymous 27.09.2018 @ 8:22pm
Yes, this what we need
Amy Peters 27.09.2018 @ 4:59pm