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Vegetarians, Vegans, Pescatarians – lend us your ears. We love you all, and endeavour to provide snacks and meals for you to enjoy across our network of bars in the UK and overseas. But we’re borrowing your lug-holes because, for this post, we’re going to talk about something you might not want to listen to. We’ll give them back in a short while – promise – but until then, we’re going to talk about meat. And what meat – a new range of gourmet British charcuterie that is available now in every BrewDog bar.

Introducing Serious Pig – the ultimate bar snack for carnivores.

Founded in London in 2009 by George Rice and Johnny Bradshaw, we love what Serious Pig has done since it blazed onto the market; their relaxed, open attitude twinned with a desire for utter quality in every component of their business is hugely impressive. Their high-welfare British farmed pork has gone from strength to strength – each of their four product lines has won a Great Taste Award – so when the chance arose to stock the guys’ British charcuterie in our bars, we jumped at it!

So what meaty treats are you now able to find in our bars? And what beers would work with the flavours in each? Let’s find out!

Snacking Salami - Classic

The word ‘classic’ says it all; Serious Pig’s salamis are prepared from finest British pork and a carefully judged blend of seasonings, herbs and spices. Their classic salami is tangy with a balancing of flavours from the sweet pork and a kick of black pepper. For a beer to go alongside, our new seasonal Candy Kaiser is ideal – there’s nothing more classic than altbier and cured meat!

Snacking Salami – Chilli & Paprika

Alternatively, if you fancy a salami with a little extra about it, Serious Pig also produce a spicy version. The smoky paprika and the beginnings of chilli warmth bring to mind a chorizo-type flavour, before the heat rises a bit more and rounds off the finish. In beer terms, Five AM Red Ale would sit perfectly alongside, a purely complementary sweet, earthy pairing.

Snackingham - Classic

‘Snackingham’ is traditionally cured and air-dried ham, sliced and packaged to form a quick and easy snack high in protein and low in fat. The Classic version is infused with caraway, fennel, black pepper and coriander – so would be a fantastic pairing with our Scotch Ale, Dogma, as the caramel edge of the beer deepens the sweetness of the meat, buttressing those flavourful spices.

Snackingham – Chilli & Ginger

Finally, a very distinct flavour combination. In what is possibly the ultimate in warming bar snacks, the ginger brings a smooth peak to the flavour profile before the chilli arrives to carry the party home. As these flavours build and build, you’ll need a beer with some serious flavour spikes of its own to provide a seamless pairing. Step forward, Jack Hammer.

All of these Serious Pig products are now available across our range of BrewDog bars, to keep you going when you need a snack. Just look for the displays behind the bar, or ask one of our members of staff. Vegetarians and friends, thanks for humouring us meat-eaters for the duration of this post!

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John Charles Thomas 23.09.2015 @ 3:56pm
Bring it on, the perfect combination.
Rex 23.09.2015 @ 1:48pm
Meat and Beer - nothing better!
Phil 23.09.2015 @ 1:10pm
I can think of one particular London address where this would go down very well...
MEATLOVER 23.09.2015 @ 12:59pm
Steve Lingfield 23.09.2015 @ 11:39am
Another food post just before lunchtime - what are you trying to do to me?