Isle of Arran Paradox

Isle of Arran Paradox

We recently agreed a rock 'n roll partnership with Isle of Arran distillery to use some of their whisky casks for Paradox. The beer will be branded as a joint venture and include their name on the logo.

Isle of Arran is a cracking single malt whisky and it is really exciting for us to have a partnership with another young, independent Scottish company.

We currently have 20 Isle of Arran whisky casks sitting maturing our Imperial Stout. The first batch is due to be bottled in about 3 weeks time, it already tastes amazing. Alot of the casks Arran distillery use are former sherry casks which gives this edition of Paradox a little more sweetness which is balanced by hints of cinnamon and ginger with lovely aromatic, zesty fruit flavours.

This will be an edition of Paradox which we are aiming to have available quite regularly.

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Neil Amos 13.08.2008 @ 8:51pm
The Portman group have no idea really, do they? They slag you off for selling strong beer yet the whisky you store this Paradox in is available for sale at 57% ABV. Not a lot of joined up thinking from them is there!