Jobs at BrewDog

Jobs at BrewDog

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BrewDog is growing. Quickly. Consequently we have many opportunities for bright, passionate people to join our team and have an opportunity to develop professionally as the company continues to grow. Apart from the hardcore growth and killer beers, BrewDog is a pretty cool, quirky place to work. We are determined to make other people as passionate about great craft beers as we are and completely redefine the UK beer industry. And we want you to help us!

To apply for any of these roles please send a CV and covering letter to and feel free to recommend a friend!

Financial Director (Or Financial Dog)

We are now a £7m turnover business, a long way from our humble 2 human and 1 hound origins or 2007. We intend to grow by a further 100% in 2012 and we require a FD or FC with bite to help us do that. The role would be suited to a ambitious, reasonably experienced person who is looking for an opportunity to work within in a fast growing and ambitious company pushing the boundaries in brewing.

All applicants must have experience working within statutory accounting and taxation. As well as have experience with monthly and yearly closing process, financial projections, cost accounting and financial planning. Experience of the BrewDog's products is desirable but not necessary. Duties also include helping Martin with his maths homework and when Bracken gets stuck with some of the trickier long divisions.


Assistant Brewer

We are looking for 3 team orientated Assistant Brewers to join our team. Tasks central to the role include safely assisting the brewing team with daily brewing and cellaring tasks, and ensuring that production and quality standards. No commercial brewing experience necessary but an interest in great Craft Beer is definitely advantageous. Many people who joined us as Assistant Brewers are now fully fledged Brewers, such as George.


Marketing Manager (or a suitable more imaginative title)

We are looking for a quirky, dialled in scamp to help us in our quest for craft beer global domination. The role will involve working closely with James on developing and implementing concepts and ideas to get more people excited about great craft beer. The position would also include sourcing and purchasing all of our marketing materials from T-shirts to posters, booklets to glassware as well as coming up with new merchandise concepts. Additonally they would organise our festival, exhibition and sampling schedules and events. We would also look for person to help with our online strategy including looking after the front end of our online store and helping with our social media activities.

Some creative, quirky and passionate with a love for great beer would be ideal for the role. Want to kick start the craft beer revolution? Then this is for you.

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Packaging Operator

We are looking for someone to head up a packaging team at BrewDog. Tasks central to the role include operating and maintaining the packaging machinery. At least one year’s previous packaging experience in a brewery or beverage environment essential. Experience of keg and key keg packaging a distinct advantage. An interest in great Craft Beer is also advantageous :)

Additional responsibilities include ensuring cleanliness of the work environment and H&S and quality standard compliance. You will also have an important role to play in ensuring and improving the day-to-day efficiency of the production line and the internal processes within the packaging department.


Lab and Safety Technician

BrewDog require a lab and safety technician to help with the systematic analysis of our beer products, and the continued development of our health and safety policy and compliance. This brand new post will have sole responsibility for our newly established lab and have an influential role to play in shaping our quality assurance and safety procedures moving forward.

Applicants should have a solid degree in Brewing and Distilling, or a related scientific discipline (Chemistry or Biology). Knowledge of Health and Saftety law and compliance would be a distinct advantage. Great communication skills, attention to detail and computer ability are also important, as well as a passion for great Craft Beer!


BrewDog Bar Staff

With BrewDog Aberdeen, Glasgow, Edinburgh all rocking and BrewDog Camden only a couple of weeks away we have assembled an awesome team of craft beer evangelists to work in our bars. However we have plans in place to open a further 5 bars over the next 6 months and need to find equally passionate people for all sorts of roles in these new premises. Over the next few months we will be looking to hire managers, assistant managers, duty managers as well as full and part time staff for our new bars in Newcastle, Manchester, Leeds and other cities in the UK. With the speed we are growing our bar division there is great opportunities for personal development and to progress quickly to a a management position.

All bar staff also under take a week long brewing induction at BrewDog HQ. Here is Jonny, a new recruit for BrewDog Camden getting hands on with malt!


Random Scamps 

Fancy acting as Bracken’s personal stylist to ensure he looks like a awesome punk pooch for media opportunities? Or just anything else really. We are always keen to speak to people who are passionate about great craft beer and want to work with us to develop BrewDog. Email a CV to

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Daniel Braga 30.11.2011 @ 1:49pm
I am an yeast scientist from Brazil. I'd very much like to go across the globe to work at BrewDog. My CV and covering letter were just sento to your e-mail. Please consider.
McPhee 29.11.2011 @ 1:41am
My gf saw me looking at this page. Her words went something like "I will actually [clucking bill] you if you even think about dragging me up to Fraserburgh!".Bad times. She's already in a mood because I've been looking at the Brewing and Distilling degree at HerWatt. She's coming around to the idea of Edinburgh, so maybe I'll get my own way. Maybe...Apply anyway?
Bracken's Bitches 28.11.2011 @ 8:22pm
Hey I am already unofficially under the Random Scamp category, sort of. How about a category like International Hops Evangelist or something like that? Maybe something like Promoter of Yeast Infections?Spread the word to all the land...because we all know it's a BrewDog world, and we're all Bracken's Bitches.
eddylive 28.11.2011 @ 2:59pm
Im in NYC, any available positions here. Good PR skills.
phil d 27.11.2011 @ 7:05pm
Packaging Operator - i can think outside the box
Derek 26.11.2011 @ 8:07am
Hi Folks - would love a shot at a job. Can you tell me where the positions would be based? At Brewdog HQ?
Ukulele Kris 25.11.2011 @ 5:59pm
I've already emailed you my CV re: Brewdog Manchester... I REALLY WANT TO WORK FOR YOU.Should I send it again, just to be safe?Or, you could just employ me to head up the Preston Punks Division. I'll just stand around Preston shouting "DRINK PUNK IPA. OR ELSE"? I think that's probably worth hiring me for