For some time the world of spirits has been split, twin forks heading off along a road to nowhere.

On one branch, the unhurried world of whisky, playing off location and sentiment to maintain the Status Quo. On the other, sleight of hand rules the roost as the surge of gin and vodka is underpinned by those who bulk-buy industrial alcohol and have the temerity to add botanicals and label it ‘craft’.

LoneWolf has been stalking the high treeline for years, cold eyes fixed on them all.

The time has come to mount a kamikaze assault on their entrenched positions. To use the combined weaknesses of those in the industry against them and force a world dominated by charmers and chancers to its knees. LoneWolf has arrived to challenge the perceptions of what a spirit can be.

To craft a spirit of pure bloodline, you must start at the beginning. With the fundamentals. LoneWolf vodka is created and distilled entirely under one roof, from scratch. Others claim purity when the closest they have ventured to the facility that produces their spirit is an online order form. LoneWolf Vodka is made from 100% grain, not with the click of a mouse. Every stage is owned and hand-crafted in our small-batch Scottish distillery.

The UK has become accustomed to accepting the deceitful behaviour of those who hide their falsehoods by constantly repeating a mantra of Purity, Filtration, Premium. But this is an underhand deal – mere buzzwords snatched from the ether to distract from the reality of the industry as it exists today. LoneWolf Vodka is on to them. Charlatans, your time is over.

Integrity is also a lost art when it comes to the idealistic soulmate to Vodka. The rise of so-called craft Gin has been propelled by faux-artisans adding a twist of this, a handful of that to bulk spirit and bottling it up. Chance your arm and see what flies. Not anymore.

LoneWolf gin was created not on the back of an envelope, but following exhaustive trials of 130 different combinations of botanicals. It is an unrivalled tribute to dedication and research, arriving on the scene to take back what truly matters; the use of the finest ingredients in an honest and authentic manner.

LoneWolf spirits are a beacon shining into the reaches of the spirits industry, taking on the incumbents at every turn. Unrelenting craft in a world of compromise. These brand new prototypes are an exclusive for our card-carrying Equity Punks (stand by your inboxes, shareholders!). Lone Wolf will be unleashed fully in early 2017.

Small batch. Hand crafted. That is where it starts and ends.

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Peter 28.12.2016 @ 7:23pm
Looking forward to trying these Gins out(as well as the vodkas). Nowadays there are lots of different ways gins are served so is there a suggestion to the garnishes for these? Simple lime or something fancier?? I've got both versions so suggestions are appreciated.
Lewis J R S 28.12.2016 @ 3:14pm
Looking forward to these!
Lewis Skinner 28.12.2016 @ 3:07pm
Are these prototypes each numbers individually?
anonymous 15.12.2016 @ 9:31pm
What's every ones batch number?
Aaron Koh 11.12.2016 @ 6:22am
Got my delivery today in Sunny Singapore! Can't wait to try it out during dinner :D Cheers Guys!
Aarkoh 11.12.2016 @ 6:20am
Got my delivery in Singapore today! Can't wait to try it out later during dinner. Cheers guys!
Simon B 10.12.2016 @ 1:35pm
V2 gin is a fabulous drop - an excellent balance of botanicals with the hint of lavender coming through at the end. I really like the spiciness that the pink peppercorns add. Nice and citrusy so makes an excellent G&T

Will report back when I try the vodka.
BrewDog Rich 09.12.2016 @ 1:52pm
Simon B - Be sure and let us know what you think!

Alan - These prototypes are limited numbers so for our Equity Punks at this stage - but we will be launching both officially early next year
Simon B 09.12.2016 @ 1:35pm
V2 gin and vodka just arrived - will be road testing the gin this evening :-P
Alan 09.12.2016 @ 11:58am
And what about bond holders?
BrewDog Rich 09.12.2016 @ 9:51am
Ian / Stuart S / Angie R - Anybody who did not receive the Equity Punk email about the LoneWolf prototype launch, get in touch with the team onlineshop@brewdog.com and they can re-send it to you, so you can get the link!

Chris R - Yes, we fully intend to produce LoneWolf whisky and other spirits where the play of time is allowed to run its course. Don't worry!
Ian 08.12.2016 @ 3:31pm
I bought Brewdog shares in the October auction, how can I get this Gin?
Stuart S 08.12.2016 @ 3:09pm
Didn't receive email either. hopefully hear back soon
Angie R 07.12.2016 @ 9:39pm
I don't seem to have the email either and am an EP ????????
Chris R 07.12.2016 @ 8:45pm
I love Brewdog beer. I would try a Brewdog whisky or maybe even a whiskey. Not a fan of gin or vodka.

I like the "unhurried world" where "location and sentiment" are almost as important as fine ingredients, skill and patience...
Does your business model allow 10 or 12 years to produce such a product?
Liam M 07.12.2016 @ 8:08pm
Any chance of resending the email?
BrewDog Rich 07.12.2016 @ 3:50pm
Ross - If your email hasn't arrived then get in touch with the team onlineshop@brewdog.com and they can re-send it to you, so you can get the link
Ross 07.12.2016 @ 3:43pm
Not got my email. Can I login to the site and buy?
BrewDog Rich 07.12.2016 @ 3:40pm
Darren C - All our Equity Punks should have got an email with details on how to purchase them, so check your inbox!
Darren C 07.12.2016 @ 3:27pm
As an Equity Punk - how do I buy the prototypes?
BrewDog Rich 07.12.2016 @ 2:34pm
Paul G - Yes, both Gin versions contain almond. All four bottles have full listings of ingredients on them.
David 07.12.2016 @ 1:42pm
Would totally order both gin prototypes, but fear the vodka ones would remain unconsumed.
PB 07.12.2016 @ 1:20pm
+1 for the gin without the vodka!
Paul G 07.12.2016 @ 1:13pm
Was there Almond in the versions for tasting at the AGM. Trying to figure out if safe with an allergy!
Douglas L 07.12.2016 @ 12:17pm
ordered v1 and v2 to fully try them out and see how they are.
BrewDog Rich 07.12.2016 @ 12:13pm
Andy C - We'll take this on board for the launch in the new year!

Ally C - The recipes have changed a whole lot since the AGM, Steven has been dialling them in pretty much ever since. V1 has echoes of sample number 3 from the AGM but even that is quite different - and much improved, of course!
Andy C 07.12.2016 @ 12:08pm
Have you considered offereing them separately? Speaking as an Equity Punk who has a gin drinker in his life, but not a vodka drinker.
Simon B 07.12.2016 @ 12:02pm
Ordered some prototypes V2 - looking forward to it already!
Ally C 07.12.2016 @ 11:51am
Which one of the tasters from the AGM was used for the final recipe?
BrewDog Rich 07.12.2016 @ 11:30am
SimonB / Allan - the first release of LoneWolf Gin and Vodka is as a prototype for our Equity Punks. We are on course to launch the spirits on the wider world early in the new year!
SimonB 07.12.2016 @ 11:24am
Brilliant - when can I buy it?
Allan 07.12.2016 @ 11:19am
You've sold me already, When can I buy some? :-D
Mack 07.12.2016 @ 11:03am
Right on. Shake those vodka bores up