Last week we looked at the ingredient of beer that is the most fundamental – constituting 95% of each and every pint, bottle or can. But if the key component is Water, the backbone is Malt. Without its input, there would be no starches for Yeast to act upon, no body or sweetness to counterbalance the Hops. The panoply of beer styles would never range from noble continental lagers to caramel-rich double IPA’s to resonant stouts and porters.

Malt is the baseline of a beer. Or as Tony Beliveau would have it, the bassline.

In the second of this Elements series of videos, our friend and LA-based musician has composed another original piece of music looking at one of the fundamentals of brewing. Tony first tasted a Punk IPA whilst on tour, and has used this as inspiration to soundtrack this look at exactly how maltsters work to create this very special grain. After all, if it weren’t for their exacting work, we wouldn’t be able to dial in the flavours of Punk or any other beer.

Check out the video at the start of this post, and stand by for next week where our musical odyssey continues as Martin visits heaven on earth for hopheads – the Yakima Valley.

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John 23.07.2016 @ 1:14am
Sounds like my kind of company, any jobs on offer
Finn 22.07.2016 @ 2:10pm
That is a seriously large pile of malt at the end - you could make a lot of Punk IPA out of that
Patrick90 22.07.2016 @ 11:21am
Cool decorations!