Meet our Brewing Team!


Stewart Bowman has been our head brewer since 2007.  He has been growing his beard ever since.



German Brizzard that loves his Metal and constantly tries to prove that there is no lethal dose of Caffeine for humans. When he’s not brewing beer, he likes drinking Absinthe and think about making carbonated coffee.....

Favourite Hop: Metal



George, aka “techno mouse” is a qualified butcher that emerged from a forest in Deeside. In edition to carving raw flesh, he participates in the traditional country activities of, bushcraft, hunting, and fishing. When he’s not shooting firearms, he skateboards to the beach to freeze in the North Sea - in search of the perfect wave. Where there’s smoke, there’s George

Favourite Hop: Simcoe



Charlotte isn’t really very punk, but she can beat Chris in an arm wrestle. She used to do law, but now she does brewing, which is better for the soul. She also hails from a long and distinguished line of famous relatives of all nationalities, social positions, and professions. She also likes poncy bikes, Scandinavian things, growing vegetables, kittens in baskets, flouncy dresses and sometimes she writes for The Edinburgh Rascal. She is quite twee, if it wasn’t obvious.

What does a Lumberjack have for breakfast? Or Lunch?


Aka 'The Irish One' - Russell discovered the sweet nectar of craft brew in the distant land of what is known as "Australia".  Once the fermented goodness hit his lips, he never looked back. For an entire year, he dedicated his life for the quest for the perfect brew. He searched bottle shop after bottle shop for whatever deliciousness and exotic brews he could get his hands on. This Irish Lad loves the high intensity work of brewing, as well as the company of his fellow BrewDogs - but he insists that the brewers’ life is not as glamorous as people may think it is. Potato + corned beef & cabbage milkshakes are his favourite.



Colin is a Canadian hipster. He enjoys long walks on the beach, watching movies, and cheese. His favorite movie is obviously "Strange Brew". Colin is looking for someone who isn't full of drama - but full of hops, and curses like a drunken sailor. In his free time Colin enjoys snorkeling, maple syrup tasting competitions, and rollerblading.

Favourite Hop: Simcoe



Born in Spain, raised in England and matured in Scotland (sort of). I have been a part of the brewery team for the last 5 months and I have no intention of leaving soon. My favourite parts of the job are doing the dirty threesome and pestering bar staff on my weekends.

Top hop: Motueka



Chris was born in a parallel universe under an extreme dictatorship, where craft beer was banned and the populace was forced to drink 5.7 litres of Cherry Lambrini. He spent his teenage years developing a teleportation device to passage him to Scotland, so that he could farm free-range haggis and to marry Edith Bowman (no relation). Sadly, he missed the coordinates for Edinburgh, and ended up stranded in the sea off Fraserburgh; where James and Martin found him washed up on the beach one morning. Rather than send the strange man off for medical experimentation, they decided to train him in the art of fermentation, and he has been with BrewDog ever since.

Favourite Hop: (once he stopped thinking they were food) ... Motueka



Oscar claims to come from a mysterious country called Spain, though nobody at the brewery has heard of it, nor can they find it on a map. Despite this, Oscar continues to say he can speak Spanish, and that you can get to Spain quite easily from Aberdeen airport. He once tried to tell Chris that he was actually from the Basque Country, and that it had a different language, but Chris couldn’t imagine it and had to lie down. At BrewDog HQ we decided to believe him, even though thousands would not.

Favourite  Hop: Sorachi Ace.



Stephen is the most Geordie man to have ever existed, he was not born, but was in fact created in a mash tun from bits of Ant, Dec, Geoff from Byker Grove and Jimmy Nail. He is recruiting an army of Novocastrians to take over Scotland, which is basically just an extension of Newcastle anyway, Stephens favourite job around the brew house is cleaning the hop slop out of the kettle.


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Russell has two 'l's.