One of the fundamentals of Equity for Punks is that it gives you the chance to own a piece of BrewDog, as we grow our business and expand our brewery. As we move forward, those who choose to support us in this way can keep up with our progress in person at our legendary AGM and shareholder brewdays, and online through the dedicated EFP website. But what about those particular Equity Punks who see it first hand, as they clock in here every morning?

Yes, a large number of shareholders work at BrewDog – across all facets of our company – so have a direct line of sight as to exactly how their investment is making a difference. We decided to catch up with a few of them to discover why they decided to invest, and just what it means to them to be an Equity Punk from the moment their alarm clock goes off every morning, to the time their head hits the pillow at the end of another day on planet BrewDog.

Rob Mackay, Munitions and Propaganda

“I invested in Equity for Punks II, back when I was churning out flyer and menu designs for takeaways in a design studio in Glasgow. My friend Ryan and I were both big fans of BrewDog and used to hit up the Glasgow bar on a regular basis - I think we bought shares on our lunch hour, because we both loved what the company was doing (and brewing!) and wanted to become part of. We used to check out the website and threaten to spend an appalling percentage of our wages on things like Tokyo Rising Sun or Dog A.

Now I’m designing the labels and taking the photos (past me would be so proud) but it’s even more awesome knowing that I own part of the company I work for, and that everything I do helps to grow my investment. Sometimes we forget what it means to be an Equity Punk, when we’re neck-deep in work and there are deadlines approaching and something’s on fire (probably), but when you step back and think about it, you remember that all the work is even more worthwhile when you’re building something that belongs to you.

Am I allowed to add my referral code here? Please?”

Jude Ross, Happiness Manager

“Being from the North East I knew about BrewDog from the very early days and was keen to invest in a local business that I believed in. I just missed out on EFP 2 so as soon as EFP 3 opened I was straight in there!

I kept an eye on BrewDog’s successes and was keen to be part of the revolution but living in London I didn’t see opportunities that I would be suitable for. By a lovely stroke of fate I ended up moving home to the North East last year and around the same time the People Team started to grow so I applied for a job and am delighted to now be a shareholder and an employee!  I’ll definitely be increasing my investment by purchasing shares in EFP IV and I’m currently sitting at 6 referrals so I’m looking forward to reading my signed copy of Business for Punks whilst enjoying some Hinterland :)”

John Allen, Brewhouse Manager

“I remember looking at the 1st EFP launch a few years ago and a as a brewer it really intrigued me. Unfortunately I never pulled the trigger on buying shares at the time, mainly due to the fact I was about to move to Australia and I also had no money! For me it was a chance to be part of something very unique and exciting in the brewing world even if I was not working for that brewery. Roll on a few years and I had left the sun and sand of Australia and arrived to the snow of Aberdeen… Irish skin wasn’t suited to extreme heat!

Not long after I joined EFP 2 was launched so I grabbed my share so I could say I was part of something revolutionary. Working with our production team we get to play a central role in producing beers with an alternative angle and this was a chance to forever be a part of another aspect of BrewDog’s alternative thinking!

Now no matter where I go in life whether through BrewDog or not I will always be part of what ever crazy shit BrewDog are getting up to!”

Zarah Prior, People Team

“I joined BrewDog in 2012 and quickly took up the managing of our Online Shop and Equity Punk relationships. It was through dealing with our shareholders that I learned most about the benefits of being an investor. From the impassioned beery conversations on the EFP Forum through to meeting our shareholders at bar openings and events, I quickly realised it was a community I wanted to be a part of!”

Keith Bennet, Special Projects   

“The moment I became involved with BrewDog I couldn’t help but be swept along with the passion and drive that underpins the whole company. In order to become further involved, I wanted to invest and add some value to the business as it grows and grows (and eventually conquers the world!). It’s massively exciting to be working on various projects for BrewDog and know that many of these are funded by people who are ultra-passionate about what we are doing and at the same time think that you personally has had a contribution towards these projects.

BrewDog really is a massive family which extends from staff to the shareholders to anyone that has tasted our beer. The best example of this is the AGM and it is an absolute pleasure meeting shareholders, hearing their ideas and seeing that what we all do day to day makes a massive difference to people.”

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Pete H 06.07.2015 @ 12:53pm
Yeah !
The return of the John Allen Photo !
A big "HI" from Nottingham ....
Ian K 04.07.2015 @ 4:19pm
What a great team!!!!
I think you are all great.
And I've just seen my name on a Bottle of Punk!!!
Rob 03.07.2015 @ 4:25pm
I like stuff like this. It shows that as the company grows there is still a personal feel to it, which I feel is important to a company like brewdog. It's also funny to see how many people wish they had invested earlier. I didn't have the spare funds when I saw it a few years ago but this year I was in a position to buy a nice number of shares. Keep up the good work.
Neil 03.07.2015 @ 4:01pm
Shouldn't Rob get +50 referral points?
Ben 03.07.2015 @ 4:01pm
Nice idea I guess - it shows you trust the company you work for!
Maxi 03.07.2015 @ 4:00pm
Some good looking cats there