Meet the BrewDog HQ Team

Meet the BrewDog HQ Team

Angela Smith - Office and Admin Manager


The unsung heroine of BrewDog, Angela enjoys her yearly pilgrimage to Walt Disney World, where she occupies Cinderella’s castle for up to 8 days and pelts passers-by and costumed park workers with pebbles and bottle caps.

She looks fantastic in one of those stick-on Mexican moustaches and it is rumoured that she was the one who came up with the name ‘Growler’ for our….. well, Growlers.

Runs an illegal, after hours fight club in her office that she thinks no one knows about.

Martin Dempster - Special Ops


Head of the mysterious ‘Special Ops’ department at BrewDog, Dempster enjoys nothing more than a good kitten jumper and researching the lives of historical Dundonians.

Long known as the ‘nice guy’ of the office, he is I fact a Dexter/vigilante-type character who delights in the punishment of ne'er-do-wells with his own brand of street justice. From 8-9pm every second Wednesday.

Fan of obscure cheeses.

Rebecca McCrum - Bar Project Manager


Becca is apparently worshiped as a Goddess by a small Amazonian tribe that, conveniently, only she has heard of. What we do know as fact, is that before assuming her multifarious role at BrewDog, she was an unsuccessful and unpublished author of several books on Body Farms, and once punched a horse in the face.

Knows 274 trivial facts about James Watt.

Narayanan Madasamy - Operations Director


You probably recognise Nara from his role as ‘Man in blue shirt’ in that 2003 Bala film. Or perhaps from the front cover of the Evening Express in March 2010, when his makeshift hot air balloon crashed into Drum Castle.

Failing that, Nara is always recognised as being the most enterprising person at the brewery, keeping a stash of home-made jams and preserves under his desk to sell to visitors.

He is allergic to Irish accents.

Donna Cowie - Receptionist


You shouldn’t feel sorry for Donna because of her bionic leg. It comes fully equipped with a pop-out manicure kit, bottle opener and cling film dispenser.

When not rescuing stray puppies or flipping through 50 Shades of Gray, Donna runs her own online dating site for C-List celebrities.

She is actually the best brewer in the company, but refuses to go near any brewing equipment for ‘unspecified personal reasons’.

Nikola Marjanovic - Brewery Manager


Half Brewery Manager/Half magician, Nikola enjoys naked, moonlight badminton, customising his own bum bags and recreating the works of filmmaker Jim Jarmusch with a local Shakespearean theatre company.

He was once barred from Brewdog’s Aberdeen bar for 3 months, after a regrettable incident involving several tins of mackerel, a local train driver, a box of illegal fireworks and 4 baby seagulls.

Owns the UK’s largest collection of competition-grade conkers.

Brian Hardie UK (H)operations


Brian is an active member of the Kennel Club and attends Crufts every year, without fail, despite not actually owning a dog. 

He was a one time member of the popular 90s group ‘East 17’, before swearing off what he called the ‘Buckfast and blow’ lifestyle.

Was once stuck in an elevator in Sydney for 2 hours with Olivia Newton-John, during which time they recorded a duet which went on to be used in an advert for Qantas. He ate all of her Murray Mints.

Dan Bloxham - Lab Monkey

Beware Dan: the terrifying man/jumper hybrid, capable of scaling small to medium sized puddles with a single bound!

In the confines of his lurid laboratory, while feigning ‘work’, he is instead working to concoct a serum which will endow him with Batman-esque strength and the ability to command small mammals.

Rumour has it that our resident mad scientist became officially unhinged after watching the film ‘Labyrinth’ eleven times in a row over a long weekend and can often be heard mumbling about ‘David Bowie’ and ‘balls’.

Makes up the shorter half of dancing sensation ‘Stavros Flatley’. Star of the Never Mind the Anabolics Video. 

Sandra Wilson - Bar Finance Team


Poor Sandra has been having a bit of a rough time since joining  BrewDog, due to her Arachibutyrophobia (fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth). As a result of Martin & Rebecca sneaking it into her lunches, she can often be found crouching under a desk, rocking back and forth.

Despite her aversion to furry faces, she is what is known as an  ‘Animal Hoarder’ and spends up to 70% of her salary on the  pampering and upkeep of her 157 gerbils, all of which are confusingly  named ‘Seal’, after the acclaimed soul singer.

Founding member of the Rolf Harris Appreciation Society.

Gina Sherwood - Marketing Intern


Gina is our happy-go-lucky American intern.  After losing her life savings by investing in Wham Bars just before the company went bust, she turned to the hobo-chic lifestyle and busked her way across the Atlantic. When she eventually arrived in Scotch-land, she declared it to be “a darn sight better than Canada” and resolved to stay a while.

Can consume up to 12 citrus fruits in one sitting.

Neil Simpson - FD


You know those soviet sleeper agents you see in the movies? The ones who can be activated by uttering a single key word or phrase?

We're pretty sure Neil is one of thsse and that the phrase is 'Scrumptious cravat badger.'

When not crunching numbers (or biscuits), Neil is known throughout Bieldside for having one of the most immaculate lawns in the area. This is partly due to his secret fertiliser recipe of epsom salts, crushed bees, children's dreams and Dominoes pizza crusts.

Can quote 'The Lion King' in it's entirety.

Oh and James and Martin work there too. Always in suits and always accompanied by at least 4 punks .


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BrewDog No.1 Fan 19.09.2012 @ 7:46pm
I bet your office parties are mental!Love the branding, videos and way your company is heading.Always rave to everyone I meet about your Nottingham bar.That is all.
Ian Prise 19.09.2012 @ 8:36am
Just spotted Neil in Fraserburgh. Was tempted to say scrumptious cravat badger to him, but I bottled it. Not sure I can handle the potential resultant mayhem!
Charlotte 17.09.2012 @ 10:01pm
That photo of Becca is exceptional! The rest are alright too, I suppose.
Mr T 17.09.2012 @ 8:46am
Go team BrewDog!