Morrisons joins BrewDog’s craft beer revolution

Morrisons joins BrewDog’s craft beer revolution

UK supermarket adds iconic craft beers to its shelves as brewery also signs  big deals with retailers in Denmark, the Netherlands and Australia

We now have three of our craft beers available in  Morrisons stores! The new deal, which sees three BrewDog brands on Morrisons shelves nationwide, strikes another blow for the brewer’s ‘craft beer revolution’ in  the UK and follows national listings with Tesco and Sainsbury’s supermarkets. Outside the UK, BrewDog has also expanded its off-trade presence in Denmark, the Netherlands and
Australia this month.

James Watt, co-founder of BrewDog commented:
“The new listing with Morrisons is another benchmark in the battle against the mundane mainstream beer brands that have bored British palates for too long. The change is coming, and the increasing availability of quality beers in British supermarkets is fuelling the revolution.”

Morrisons now stock three of BrewDog’s most acclaimed beers in around 250 stores in single bottles. Morrisons has selected BrewDog’s flagship Punk IPA, it’s iconic amber ale, 5AM Saint and it’s provocative Trashy Blonde from the brewery’s core range – all of which  carry BrewDog’s bold and unorthodox branding.

Matthew Cain, Morrisons Beer and Cider buyer said, “We’re always excited to work with  smaller, independent breweries it allows us to bring something new and unique to the category. Our drinks range already carries a wealth of choice for our shoppers but these new
listings offer them something even more unusual. We think they will enjoy!”

This expansion in the off-trade has been mirrored abroad, with BrewDog beers now stocked  in over 22 territories worldwide, including the Netherlands, where the brewer has also
secured a landmark listing with the nation’s largest supermarket, Albert Heijn. Other export highlights include a national listing with Danish supermarket giant Coop-Denmark, Australian
retailer Dan Murphy and they now sell to the Ax-foods chain in Sweden and Rema 1000 in Norway, resulting in vast supermarket listings in 6 countries.

James Watt added: “We have been very successful in regions that are traditionally big craft beer markets and our
export sales keep rising, but it is the UK that offers the biggest growth potential as we see a nation of beer drinkers begin to realise there is much more to beer drinking than the colourless, fizzy mess that is usually thrust upon them by multi-million pound marketing

BrewDog is now producing over 500,000 bottles per month and have a growth of 250% this year alone.

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ssss 25.10.2010 @ 5:23am
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Curmudgeon 19.10.2010 @ 8:54pm
I would say logically they are more likely to attract people's eye with the Belgian and speciality beers than with the standard 500ml British bottled ales. £1.59 is a lot higher than the Tesco price, though - let's see whether Morrisons come up with any of their famous offers.
Punk 'n' Disorderly 19.10.2010 @ 7:01pm
They are all retailing at £1.59p and are on the shelves next to the Belgian/Foreign beers.
Callum Blanchfield 19.10.2010 @ 4:17pm
I think they're retailing at £1.79 if memory serves correct?
Chris Cutting 19.10.2010 @ 1:55pm
Be warned - the Reading branch has stuck them away from the bottled ales with the Belgian and 'speciality' beers. You might need some traddier lookin' branding guys..Still - hooray! nonetheless
Fly like a beagle 19.10.2010 @ 1:36pm
A trip to Morrisons is in order! Bought Zeitgeist and 77 lager in Tesco the other day. Wonderful.
Dubbel 19.10.2010 @ 1:10pm
Great news! Can't wait to pick up some Trashy and 5AM. Do we know how much they are retailing for?