Over 90,000 of you have joined our Equity Punk community and become the lifeblood of our company. Our amazing shareholders stand on the frontlines with us as we look to make other people as passionate about great craft beer as we (all) are, and help banish bad beer forever. So as a thank you for having our backs, we have a number of epic benefits and perks for our Equity Punks.

And the list is by no means a static one. Here are a few new things we are doing for our Equity Punks in 2019:-

Punk Parcel Service

We hope that you see your local BrewDog Bar as a second home; and now for Equity Punks, it can be. If you have a parcel or package arriving from an online order, you can opt to have it delivered to a BrewDog Bar instead and we’ll keep it for you! Just turn up to pick it up and, hey presto, your delivery is there amidst the freshest collection of craft beer in town. Why wait in for deliveries when you don’t have to?

Running as a trial until the end of April, when checking out online – and this can be from anywhere, not just – put your local BrewDog Bar as the shipping address and add your Equity Punk ID number to the name line. Then just show us your ID card when you pick up your parcel! Check the T&C’s at the bottom of the post; if you find this helpful be sure and let our bar crews know so we can look to extend the trial!

Extended Birthday Beer Offering

BrewDog Equity Punks are entitled to a free beer each and every year to celebrate their birthday. Last year we made it a bit easier to fit that special day into your hectic schedule by giving you three days either side of the day itself to enjoy that free beer. But for 2019 we want to go even further and change things up again! We think you guys are amazing so we want that birthday to be equally so.

If you are having that birthday beer in our bar, pre-book for a group of 6+ people and we’ll make your party even better with sharing platters and a very special birthday beer on us – plus that particular thing no birthday should be without; a cake! Just make an enquiry at our Punk Birthdays website and our bar crew will get back to you to arrange this very special free party.

Daytime Discount

At present all Equity Punks score a 15% discount in our bars during weekday afternoons – a discount which stacks with their 5% or 10% discount for being shareholders. Between 12pm and 5pm this double discount currently applies throughout the working week.

But now we are moving it to the weekend as well; for our Equity Punks who join us when the bar opens up for service. From this coming weekend Equity Punks can also get a 15% discount from when their local bar opens until 12:30pm – so long enough for that first drink of the day before you head off into the city (or decide to stay and order up a well-deserved brunch).

These new perks are on top of others we rock, such as discounts from our online shop, an invite to our annual #PunkAGM and Beatnik Brewing Collective brewdays, first option on all our new beers, exclusive access to our new bars before they open – and much more. As we continue to change a world dominated by bland industrial beer it is our Equity Punks who help us to spread the word about epic craft beer around the globe.

That community is the reason we exist, and these perks are just some of the ways in which we say thank you.

Punk Parcel Service T&Cs: You must be an Equity Punk to participate. Parcels must be no larger than 23” x 17” x 12” (this is the size 1 filled box of beer from the BrewDog Online Shop). We will not accept parcels valued at more than £250. You must come to collect your parcel within 5 days. Your EFP Shareholder number must be externally visible on the parcel. You must show your Equity for Punks ID card in order to collect your parcel. Valid in all UK BrewDog Bars except Edinburgh Airport
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Pete H 24.01.2019 @ 1:09pm
Birthday sharing platter, special beer AND cake.
November is a long time away, but I can wait ....
Paul G 23.01.2019 @ 4:06pm
The parcel pickup is an interesting one as I work very close to a Brewdog bar. I might have to try it to see how practical it is although with a few missed deliveries over Christmas it was a royal (mail) pain in the ass to get to my nearest sorting office
Maxwell 23.01.2019 @ 3:19pm
You had me at cake