Our army of Equity Punks are at the forefront of our business, involved in everything we do here at BrewDog. We love the interaction that takes place between (and within) our community of shareholders, so recently decided to take a new look at the main platform where this takes place. Our Equity Punk Forum. We put out a few ideas to the guys themselves, and worked up a brand new portal for everything shareholder-related. And it is live now.

BrewDog Equity Punks – you can access your new Forum here!

The main change from the old Forum is that we have brought it under the main BrewDog.com website and linked it directly to your online account. So that means one log-in and one password to buy beer, leave blog comments and now enter the new Equity Punk Forum. Easy.

As always, one of the main pillars of our new Equity Punk Forum is the access it gives those who support us to everyone working for our company. Alongside the team of dedicated community guardians on hand to answer questions and update our shareholders, the ‘Ask James’ section is for direct questions to (and answers from) our Captain – because we are committed to shortening the distance between ourselves and those who drink our beer. It’s as simple as that.

To celebrate the launch of the new Forum we figured we should do something special – so we have created a thread where one of our Equity Punks can win a year’s supply of Punk IPA! Entries close on Monday 18th September so if you are a card-carrying BrewDog shareholder and would like a case of Punk every month, on us, be sure to enter the contest (hint: it involves dog photos).

Our legion of BrewDog Equity Punks are with us every step of the way as we try to change the face of beer forever, and by re-designing and relaunching their Forum we are proud to have their backs and let them continue to be a part of everything that we do. Equity Punks, you can access your new-look Forum by clicking this link and if you have any questions about accessing or using the new portal, drop our team a line at equitypunks@brewdog.com and they will help you out!

And don’t forget to enter the epic contest!

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Punk Guru 14.09.2017 @ 10:18pm
Give me Punk!! Pretty please.
Eggy 14.09.2017 @ 6:24pm
Bathe me in punk ..shower me in dead pony .... Cuddle me with Elvis
Sarah 14.09.2017 @ 10:07am
I want a year's supply of Punk!
Martin 14.09.2017 @ 10:05am
The new forum is so much easier to use than the last