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With #PunkAGM2019 on the horizon, we are building up to it in the very best way. Launching online right now we have a pair of incredible craft beers – one a brand new collaboration with our nearest friends and the other our first #ReBrewDog release of the year, a revival from the spring of 2012. Whether you’ll be joining us at the AECC or not, here are a 9.0% ABV raspberry and blackcurrant porter and a mighty 16.5% ABV Triple India Pale Ale.

Get ready for BrewDog vs Fierce Beer Neighbourhood and the return of Anarchist Alchemist.


Anarchist Alchemist

Anarchist Alchemist is available online – you can buy it right here

Seven years ago we had just left Fraserburgh, opened our tenth bar and released a little-known beer by the even lesser-known name of Dead Pony Club. 2012 seems like a lifetime ago. But thankfully we have a time capsule in the form of our BrewDog back catalogue. #ReBrewDog exists to return the highs of the past into the limelight of the present – and fewer beers we have brewed could reach the heights of Anarchist Alchemist.


Our mission to push IPA as far as it could go yielded this; a 16.5% ABV Triple IPA. Rolling in at 80 IBUs and with an OG of 1.112 this is a monster in every respect. Brewed with our favourite US hops added at the boil, whirlpool and dry-hop stage, Anarchist Alchemist is a laser-guided fusillade of tropical and citrus fruit, spiced orange and with a bitter, warming afterburner hop hit on the finish. Let anarchy (and alchemy) rule.

Anarchist Alchemist is available online now, and will be pouring on draft on Thursday 11th April from 6pm in our UK BrewDog Bars.


BrewDog vs Fierce Beer: Neighbourhood

Neighbourhood is available online – you can buy it right here

Also arriving today is our latest collaboration, one that sees us partner up with our closest friends. Fierce Beer have been killing it since they launched, and we managed to get together at the end of February and join forces on a brewday. The result was this; a 9.0% ABV porter with the ultimate Scottish twist – the addition of home-grown raspberries and blackcurrants. Welcome to the Neighbourhood.


The resultant beer is a perfect spring warmer; with aromas of chocolate and berry fruit from the start. The addition of flaked oats gives the beer a smooth body and add an extra element to what is a complex and layered porter. Great minds think alike thanks to a juicy sweet delivery, complemented by an underlying gentle bitterness and subtle spice from the hops.

BrewDog vs. Fierce Beer Neighbourhood is available online now, and will be pouring on draft tonight from 6pm in our UK BrewDog Bars.

That’s not all for this week – we are showcasing some awesome brand new and killer returning beers from our line-up at #PunkAGM2019 this coming weekend, so get ready to enjoy even more amazing craft beer from BrewDog (and our friends across the Neighbourhood).