Enjoying an incredible beer is a treat and an experience in itself, and one we actively seek out on a daily basis! But pair the right beer with the perfect meat and you can create an entirely new way to enjoy said beer that will evolve the flavours of both components manifold. 

Beer schools have been popular events in all BrewDog bars since their inception; learning about the brewing process whilst enjoying a few hoppy delights is the ideal way to spend an evening in our books! But we're stepping up this concept with a new facet. One that is decidedly meaty! 

From January 2015, BrewDog Clapham Junction will begin a series of six hosted beer & meat school sessions with our awesome friends Meat School, based in Borough Market. Each session will be themed, so you can pick and choose which kinda beery, meaty morsels you fancy sampling, and they will run one per month January to June. Half will be hosted in BrewDog Clapham Junction and the others in Meat School's venue in Borough Market. Tickets are available right here, and would make the ideal Christmas gift for the carnivore in your life.

Event themes range from wild meat to pork to smoked meat and beyond, so there is plenty to get your tastebuds acquainted with.

To get those tongues wagging, we have come up with four ideal beer and meat pairings! 

Beer Sticks & Punk IPA 


Here is a classic pairing! We've been serving beer sticks in our bars for a few years now and they are hugely popular with beer lovers! Punk has the ideal level of carbonation and bitterness to cleanse the palate between bites, and it'll cut through the saltiness of the beef. The meat is seasoned with a little chilli and pepper, which is the ultimate buddy for Punk as our flagship IPA is a best friend for spiciness! 

Blood, wine and chocolate chorizo & Brixton Porter 


Brixton has a deliciously roasty coffee/chocolate sweetness that will offset the iron-y flavour of the meat. The wine element adds a very subtle dark, red fruit character which is reflected and balanced in Brixton Porter, and there is an overall earthy tone to both the beer and meat that compliment one another beautifully.

Coppa & Five AM Red Ale 


Five AM is just exceptional with pork. It's a complex beer, but it's got really delicious fruityness that is really great with piggy cuts. As coppa is a strong cut with bold, intense meatiness, Five AM can stand up to as it's got plenty of body and flavour without overpowering the meat. There is also a lovely chewy sweetness to Five AM, which provides a good balance for that sinewy, muscular nature of the meat. Long finishes abound!

Seaweed & Cider Salami & This is Lager. 


This. Is. Lager. has a lovely, refreshing crispness and lightness; it's quite zingy and zippy and a bit citrusy, which marries with that cider sharpness, and the delicate salty seaweed is cleansed on the palate from the clean, bubbly lager. This. Is. Lager has also got a bright, light hoppiness, which offers some piney aromas that fit pleasantly with overall flavour of the meat!

Got any more insanely tasty beer and meat discoveries to share? Drop them in the comments!

Don't forget to grab your tickets to these events here.