BrewDog Goes Global

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It's been a pretty epic year with the launch of our first bar internationally over in Stockholm, Sweden *waves to Magnus and the team* and we've got some pretty special plans set for bars across planet Earth in 2014.

BrewDog Stockholm

Here's a bit of an update on where we're at worldwide:

BrewDog Sao Paulo

Due to open in January 2014, this converted mechanics' yard in the Pinheiros district will mark the arrival of the craft beer revolution in South America. Brazilian craft brewery Way Beer will be brewing a very special house beer for this bar, so we'll be opening with the usual BrewDog line up alongside some local beery awesomeness.

BrewDog Tokyo


BrewDog Tokyo is a go-go! This bar, featuring 20 craft beer taps, will launch in March 2014. Based in the Roppongi district of Tokyo, we're stoked to be officially opening a bar in Asia! It is also next door to a bar called 10 Sluts. Seriously.

BrewDog(s) Italy

Double whammy! We've got plans to stake our claim in both Rome and Florence. Work on both should commence in January, so stay tuned for more details on both of these very soon...!

BrewDog Berlin


Super psyched about this one, we have agreed a deal for a venue in Berlin. The German craft beer scene is rocking right about now and we're stoked to be getting in on the action. Most of our international bars are based on a partnership with a local crack team of beer bar experts, but we will be managing this one ourselves with our some of our current UK teams. This project is one that will be a little bit special. Watch this space...

And the best of the rest...

We've been working on a site in India for the past few months, but we are yet to pin down the ideal space. Nonetheless, it's one of our priorities for 2014 so we'll hopefully have some good news on this front soon! Brussels is also on our to-do list, so that's certainly on the cards but again, we're on the hunt for the perfect property. Paris, Barcelona and a number of states in the USA are also big targets for us and are a work in progress.

Have A Nice Flight!

BrewDog...somewhere else?

Do you want to see us set sail for your neck of the woods? If you reckon your city needs a BrewDog bar, let us know in the comments and our resident Mr World, Neil Taylor, will be on the next flight out! Or near enough.

Got a space closer to home in the UK you want us to check out? Good news! We're still hunting for bar sites in England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales as well. Check this blog post out for more details on the Great BrewDog Bar Hunt.

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