BrewDog is now a living wage employer

Today at BrewDog HQ we are celebrating our crew. From our phenomenal packaging team, through to our skilled brewers, professional bar staff and talented warehouse operators, we are proud to be a company full of committed, enthusiastic and hard-working folk. We've come a long way from the days of two guys, a dog and endless hours working a battered brew kit to the bone, hell-bent on bringing great craft beers to the world.
Today we make a special announcement that will affect each and every one of our staff in a positive way. Over the past few months, I (James) have worked closely with the directors, senior management and people department at BrewDog to review the care and attention BrewDog pays its employees, focusing particular attention to the extra benefits our crew receive as a perk of the job, as well as our pay scale for hourly paid employees.
As of 1st October 2014, BrewDog is a Living Wage employer.

This will also have a positive knock-on effect on all hourly paid positions, whether they are in our bars or at the brewery.
BrewDog employees who have achieved the Cicerone Certified Beer Server or Certified Cicerone qualification, which we fund for all staff keen to sit the exam, also receive an additional pay perk on top of the basic hourly rate for the position they hold.
Becoming a Living Wage employer will cost us an extra £1 million in 2015 alone and an extra £10m over the next 5 years as we add more new faces to our teams. We see this as a hugely important investment in ensuring the future of and recognising the importance of our team, which is our most valuable asset as a business.

Alongside our commitment to becoming a Living Wage employer, as of 1st January 2015, all full time BrewDog crew members will also receive private health insurance.
All these benefits are part of our ongoing dedication to creating the best possible working environment for everyone who works at BrewDog. We are committed to raising the standard not just of beer in the UK but also the customer service standard in the bar and pub sector.

This is a pretty ground-breaking move. But we like doing ground-breaking things at BrewDog.
To every member of our world-class team, thank you for being an incredible human being.
Without us, we are nothing.

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