Sometimes, common sense prevails. Only to get there you need to be prepared to fight for it (and even change your name). Around eighteen months ago we were hit with a trademark infringement relating to the name of our grapefruit-powered IPA. Emanating from the be-suited corridors of power that now control the Estate of Elvis Presley, we were slapped with an order to change the name of our beer. 

We lost the initial battle-but held our ground and appealed. And won.

BrewDog Elvis Juice rules the roost once more. So this weekend we are getting' all shook up.

Anyone who dresses up as Elvis Presley and heads to one of our UK, Barcelona, Brussels or Berlin Bars this coming weekend (Saturday 3rd-Sunday 4th February) will score a free schooner of BrewDog Elvis Juice!

We love Elvis Juice, both the beer and the name. So, when the notice from the Presley Estate landed on our doorstep two years ago, we naturally took the only sane, sensible and effective course of action; our two co-founders, James and Martin both legally changed their names to 'Elvis' by deed poll. Sane, sensible and effective

As the third best-selling craft beer in the UK (Punk IPA and Dead Pony Club are one and two) we are psyched that the obvious lack of crossover between the legacy of the King of Rock & Roll and our beer has been rendered in black and white. We stand up for what we believe in. The ruling is a vindication of that and a victory for the right-minded.

The overturning of that original decision is even more amazing when we step back and look at what the beer has achieved since we first launched it back in 2015. We can't brew it fast enough-both here and in Columbus, where last October it won a medal at the 36th Great American Beer Festival (becoming the first time ever a primarily UK-based business has won an award at the GABF). 

Having become a go-to around the world for fans of vibrant, citrus-forward pale ales it proudly bursts forth with layer upon layer of grapefruit, tangerine and lemon flavour from a judicious amount of zested grapefruit and blood orange peel. As an American IPA the legal challenge from the Presley Estate really ground our gears, so we are psyched that common sense had held sway and we are good to go.

You can find out for yourself how awesome it is-you can buy BrewDog Elvis Juice online here.

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