Hi Everyone!

I wanted to touch base on our newest headliner beer – Indie Pale Ale. We obviously missed the mark with the first batch of Indie in 2 ways. Firstly the beer was not quite where we wanted it to be, this was confirmed by our customers and Equity Punk feedback. We listened and we changed the recipe. The first batch was packaged over the Christmas holidays and too many of our key people were on vacation at that time. It won’t happen again.

The new version of Indie Pale Ale tastes really good. We changed the water profile, which massively removes the sulphur element of the original batch which caused the confusion with lager, we reduced the caramalt influence, we tweaked the fermentation profile to focus more on the fruity esters and we increased the whirlpool hop dosage with a very healthy addition of Mosaic.

All of this means the beer is much better, hoppier expression of what we wanted to create.

You can buy Indie Pale Ale 2.0 online here


Secondly, we also missed the mark in terms of how we spoke about the beer and that we did not position the beer correctly. With Indie we wanted to create a straightforward, crushable craft beer. The beer is designed as a gateway into craft for the craft curious and a well rounded, balanced sessionable beer for craft beer fans. It is not overly complicated or complex, but the new version is a rock solid, drinkable pale ale.

Our mission is to make other people as passionate about great craft beer as we are and our intention with Indie Pale Ale is to make a significant change to the beer scene in the UK and beyond.

The top ten beers (not just lagers but beers) sold in the UK are Carling, Fosters, Stella Artois, Budweiser, Carlsberg, Guinness, John Smith’s, Coors Light, Peroni and San Miguel. All of which are multi-national corporate conglomerates. Most people drink these beers. By a very, very, very long way.


In the markets in which we operate (excluding the USA) craft beer, is on average, less than 2% of the beer market. We wanted to create something which could appeal to the 98% and start them on their craft beer journey and help us take the 2% to 5% or maybe even 10% someday.

With the new version of Indie Pale Ale we feel we have a beer which can do just that, as well as being a great, crushable session beer for craft enthusiasts, as we look to share our passion for great craft beer with as many people as we can. You can buy Indie Pale Ale online here.