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Today we are releasing a beer to shake the world by the shoulders. From the moment America decided to withdraw from the Paris Accord our planet has been on the clock – so we have brewed a beer to remind global leaders to prioritise issues relate to Climate Change. And all proceeds from it will be donated to 10:10, a charity lobbying for legislative changes relating to global warming.

This is our action on Climate Change. Make Earth Great Again.


Make Earth Great Again is designed to spark awareness and start a conversation. A 7.5% ABV saison containing ingredients from areas of the world most affected by our changing planet, it is brewed with water from melted Polar ice caps and cloudberries from the threatened Arctic. We then fermented the saison at a higher temperature than our other beers as a metaphor for global warming.

In further protest at the world's lawmakers turning their backs on our planet we've adopted into our corner the one species that epitomises the impact of humanity on global habitats. We are going to serve Make Earth Great Again in BrewDog Shoreditch from a replica life-sized polar bear.

Beer is a social lubricant, and we hope Make Earth Great Again will become a vehicle for craft beer drinkers to make their voices heard. Our partnership with climate change charity 10:10 will see all proceeds of the beer go directly to continue the fight to tackle global warming at a community level and attempt to redress the balance, for the good of everyone.

Whether you work in a brewhouse or the White House, standing up to climate change is everyone’s responsibility, so to remind the President and his staff of this we have sent a case of Make Earth Great Again to the White House for his attention. The power of the Polar Regions harnessed in a protest beer.

You can buy Make Earth Great Again online here to aid the cause of 10:10, and bottles will also be launching in your local UK BrewDog bar from 6pm tonight, Wednesday 1st November. If you are near BrewDog Shoreditch, be sure and head along for the very special draft release from our replica polar bear.

Don’t ignore the doubters, disbelievers and deniers – challenge them. Challenge them with evidence, passion and with your support for organisations like 10:10 who are fighting the good fight for all of our futures. And challenge them in your own way – as we are with our new beer release. After all, we have the same goal at the end of the day. To Make Earth Great Again.