The clocks have sprung forward, so with spring in the air we have added more new amazing items to our online shop. Just in time for the weather taking an upturn we have added a range of t-shirts to our merch section and we have a range of different pale ales and IPAs with which to re-awaken your palate from its winter slumber (plus glassware in which to serve them). And for anyone freshening up their pad we have some epic art prints in stock too!

Let's take a closer look at what we have on offer...

Punk IPA

We have dialled in some awesome new looks for our range of merch relating to our flagship including the new lock-up shirt at the top of this post and this awesome post-modern classic text t-shirt. Plus our Fisher has been on the case and worked up an incredible Punk Skeleton tee! We also have the can pin badge pictured above and a new bar blade in stock as well. And we also have Punk IPA Bobble and Beanie hats to ward off the spring chill!

Other Clothing

Hoping that those chills won't keep multiplying we've got some other amazing new t-shirts in our online shop, from the Good People Drink Good Beer design to our Self Assembly Pope and BrewDog Festival shirt. We've amped up our cap offerings with a new Trucker Cap as modelled by Jan above, and snapback and grey jersey caps! Plus we have Sherpa Hoodies in stock for those early-morning starts (or distant expeditions).

Art Prints

Anyone seeking inspiration for that new look in your room, we have that covered with a range of artworks commissioned from some of the best illustrators and designers around the world. We use these to adorn our small-batch canned beers but they are so detailed that we have also released them as limited-edition prints. So currently we have Semi-Skimmed Occultist, Self Assembly Pope, Albino Squid Assassin and Neon Overlord ready to go. Forget IKEA!


Every great beer needs a great glass-the two go hand in hand (literally). So we have added to our shop a classic BrewDog pint glass and a stemmed half-pint to bring the two standard pours into your glassware cupboard in a new look. We've also got a bespoke pint glass for our 21st Century Lager Kingpin on offer as well as a Mosella tasting glass and for anybody after a selection of beers to drink at home, you can now buy our oak flight board including four glasses!


We have just had a re-up of one of the items of merch that has really flown out of the doors since we brought it to you. We collaborated with the guys at Bawbags on a unique design as part of their original range of boxer shorts. We love how they look and also the fact that a percentage of the profits of each pair sold goes to support charities at the forefront of the fight against testicular cancer. You can pick up a pair online here!


Of course it's not just things you can wear online, we are constantly adding to our beery offerings in our shop as well. For instance we have the return of our hugely successful Hoptastic IPA case, which previously sold out in record time, and some brand new (as in added to the shop this morning) guest beers from the likes of To Øl and Dry & Bitter Brewing, including their super-fresh IPAs. We also have the latest iteration of our BrewDog Mystery Box containing two-dozen killer BrewDog beers in the ultimate surprise package.

We'll have new merch coming very soon, so stand by for further updates. If there's anything you'd like us to stock in the online shop-let us know in the comments below!

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