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At BrewDog we believe that you, the people, should have a say in what goes in your glass. A society controlled by industrial mass-produced beer is one we want no part of. That is the reason behind the Punk State, which has already turned the centre of four English cities into frontline battlegrounds against bad beer. But we are far from done yet.

Our State within a State is crossing the border. This week we are taking it to Scotland.

Edinburgh - we are coming to Festival Square on Lothian Road Tuesday 21st & Wednesday 22nd August.


From mid-day on each of those days you can join us directly outside BrewDog Lothian Road where we will be manning the barricades of our city-centre roadblock in our continuing quest to bring super-fresh Punk to the people.

Cross the frontier into the Punk State for your first taste of a new freedom – a Punk IPA. On us. Crush the can to help us crush the system and then you are free to re-join society with a new frame of mind and a new outlook on what beer could – and should – be about.

Once we leave Festival Square and the Festival City, Punk State will roll on to these locations:-

Aberdeen – Saturday 1st & Sunday 2nd September, Union Square

Sheffield – Saturday 8th & Sunday 9th September, Fargate


Join us in the centre of Edinburgh, Aberdeen or Sheffield as we demonstrate in the best way possible that beer should be about passion, independence and flavour. The Punk State has banished bad beer and made everyone welcome and together we will remind the world that industrial beer should not stand.

If you are in Edinburgh this week, head along to Festival Square 12pm-7pm Tuesday 21st and 12pm-6pm Wednesday 22nd August. Your place in the Punk State awaits. Revolutions come to life in the streets.

A society controlled by industrial mass-produced beer is one we want no part of.