Last week we launched two new beers – Small Screen Hero and Quench Quake – and this week we are rolling on again with another epic duo. Thanks to the amazing work of our brewers, our online store and UK BrewDog Bars are set for the latest iteration of our Blitz Berliner Weisse series (one that is alcohol-free) and a second beer that needs no introduction to its legion of fans.

Raspberry Blitz and Hop Fiction are out now.

Hop Fiction


You can buy Hop Fiction online here

Yes, our small-batch American Pale Ale is back. One of the most popular limited releases we brew, since it first arrived on the scene Hop Fiction has garnered a significant fan base amongst those who love zesty session-strength pale ales (i.e. pretty much everyone). So thanks to the magic of #ReBrewDog we have returned it to our arsenal for a short time only.

For 2018 we've tweaked it slightly to 4.2% ABV but with the same payload of hops in the kettle, whirlpool and at the dry-hopping stage. Hop Fiction sings with the grassy, citrus and pine notes from Chinook, Mosaic and Citra and leaves you with a flavour of pine dust, resin, citrus peel, pineapple and lime. If you want a beer to pair with the last barbecue of summer, Hop Fiction is the one.

Raspberry Blitz


You can buy Raspberry Blitz online here

Also out today is a brand new release; one that had its genesis on our small-batch pilot kit. The driving force behind this version of Raspberry Blitz was to create an alcohol-free sour, so we took the recipe for our fruited Berliner Weisse and brewed a low-gravity wort as we do with Nanny State. This minimised active fermentation before the raspberries were added, resulting in a brand new take for us; a 0.5% ABV raspberry sour, packed with juicy berry fruit flavour.

After the first brew of this new beer, we released it into our bars as the ultra-limited edition Raspberry Popsicle Parade – but such was the reaction that we immediately decided to dial in a full-scale brew. With raspberry jam on the nose this beer is also joined by aromas of lemon and oatmeal. It is hugely juicy on the palate, with notes of raspberry yoghurt vibe a bright acidity on the finish. Beers like this are the reason we have a pilot kit.


Both beers are live in our online shop right now and all will also be pouring across our UK BrewDog Bars from 6pm tonight, Thursday 6th September. If you get to try any of them be sure and let us have those tasting notes!

If you want a beer to pair with the last barbecue of summer, Hop Fiction is the one.