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It’s the real Sport of Kings. Not horse racing, or polo. Shuffleboard. No less a royal authority than King Henry VIII turned his hand to the noble pursuit – and he was a pretty busy guy for most of the rest of the time. And whilst you wouldn’t necessarily want to beat him, we certainly believe in joining him. Tomorrow, the doors officially open to our latest BrewDog bar – and the first in a new direction for us. ShuffleDog Leeds is here.

Located at Crispin Lofts, New York Road, the newest BrewDog bar is a gaming paradise – perfect for exercising those thumbs that up until now serve merely to brace your beer glass. From challenges of skill to steam-loosening button-bashing frenzies, we’ve got it covered.

That’s because ShuffleDog contains numerous board games, pinball machines and vintage arcade games – and the crowning glory; three imported 22ft shuffleboard tables. And we want the people of Leeds to lead us to Olympic glory.

We’re not just launching a bar – we are going all out to have shuffleboard take its rightful place amongst table tennis and kite-surfing at the Olympic Games (come on…Kite Surfing?). We want nothing less than to build a generation of shuffleboard pros in West Yorkshire; drinkers with thumbs of steel to go on to represent Team GB – and Team BD – at the 2020 Olympiad in Tokyo. ShuffleDog Leeds will be the official training ground for these beer-loving athletes.

The bar will be hosting regular shuffleboard tournaments as we strive for the top of the slide-sports pyramid. Competition is healthy, after all, so we’ll be looking forward to holding shuffleboard events and leagues aplenty. If you’ve never partaken – it’s pretty much the perfect sport, as it’s played indoors, is extremely social, and can be played with a beer in one hand and a brow totally untroubled by sweat. As long as your thumb’s ready – you are.

Speaking of replenishing fluids; as you train for Olympic glory you’ll be able to balance out those electrolytes with all-important hops from an epic selection of 35 draught taps. Carrying the freshest craft beer from ourselves, podium-topping UK breweries and elite entrants from around the world, ShuffleDog is a draught-only destination of which Leeds can be truly proud.

Plus, we’ll be serving a range of food such as sandwiches, burgers, hotdogs and ribs all week, as well as weekend breakfasts. When it comes down to it, ShuffleDog is all about interaction. Leave those cosy armchairs and hang out in a fantastic new bar that rewards getting up and having a go. ShuffleDog Leeds opens its doors tomorrow – craft beer, amazing food, and a future Olympic sport. Do your country proud.