As we have said before, if malt is the backbone of a beer then the hops are the high notes. These versatile cones are a brewer’s greatest weapon, layering aroma and flavour into a beer and resulting in all manner of different directions for the final brew. We love hops. You love hops. Experimenting with new varieties and in different combinations is still what gets us going, a decade into our brewing adventures. And how exactly do we experiment?

With beers like Sonic Boom. Our ever-evolving hop showcase is out (again) now. This time, we are hitting the mountainous slopes of central Europe.

Sonic Boom V3


You can buy Sonic Boom V3 online here

Following on from V1’s German hops and V2’s experimental American payload, this third iteration in our hop spotlight now switches to central Europe. As with the two previous releases the malt bill and ABV have remained the same, with US hops used in the kettle and whirlpool to bring the citrus. The difference for V3 is the judicious amount of Aurora and Ariana used at the dry-hop stage, to fully let their aromas and flavours come to the fore.

From the interior of Slovenia, Aurora has classic continental parentage and yields the Noble hop-like aromas that are herbal, floral and have notes of cut-grass. It’s an amazing hop and perfect for our team in Ellon to display one of the greatest skills of a brewer – knowing what complements other ingredients. The German hop Ariana is that hop. With peaks of pine resin, sharper fruits like grapefruit, blackcurrant and gooseberry and a big floral hit it ties in perfectly with Aurora.


The result is Sonic Boom V3 – a Eurobeat in liquid form. The sweet floral notes from the twinned hops give notes of bergamot and rose on the final beer, giving way to notes of strawberry, grape and lemon with a supportive grassy note and a finish of resinous pine. In short, a complex beer that really shows the versatility and combinative capability hops can bring to an experimental beer.

Sonic Boom V3 is live in our online shop right now and all will also be pouring across our UK BrewDog Bars from 6pm tonight, Thursday 13th September. Our team of brewers have been running white-hot of late; this version of Sonic Boom is the sixth new beer we have released in the last three weeks, following Lost Lager hitting the taps yesterday, Hop Fiction (which has already sold out), Raspberry BlitzSmall Screen Hero and Quench Quake.

We wouldn’t have it any other way.

A complex beer that really shows the versatility and combinative capability hops can bring to an experimental beer.