Yesterday we ran down some of the beer-focused initiatives from our BrewDog Blueprint, so today we are casting a closer look at our amazing community over the months and years ahead.

You can download and read the full BrewDog Blueprint document here.

Open Day

On November 19th we are hosting an Industry Open Day at our Ellon HQ – we want to share what we have learned, good and bad, with our peers and use a series of seminars to start a dialogue to accelerate change in the UK craft beer scene.


Metro Mayhem

Metro Mayhem is our new London beer festival and will rock the Copper Box on Saturday November 10th with amazing music, street food and craft beer from 17 world-class breweries. Equity Punks, get your early bird tickets here and UK beer industry workers, beer journalists and bloggers pick up your free ticket here!

The BrewDog Development Fund 2.0

We are relaunching this initiative to encourage others down the same road we took, and will be making up to £200,000 available each year to small craft breweries (with the approval of our Equity Punks). Email if you’d like to pitch your business!

Dope & Dank

We’re delighted that the first brewery we are partnering with for the new Development Fund is Dope & Dank, Imbibe Magazine’s Beer People of the Year. We are going to help Beny and Teo build a brewpub in LA and look to introduce their beers into the UK and USA markets.


Equity Punk Airways

To celebrate our awesome shareholders we are chartering a direct flight from London to Columbus Ohio to show our community what they have helped to achieve. Our travelling Punks will spend four days kicking back in the Midwest – tickets will go on sale in the next four weeks!

Equity Punks Rebrews

Also coming very soon, our Equity Punks will be invited to vote for a classic BrewDog beer to be re-brewed every quarter via their exclusive shareholder forum, just for our own bars and online shop, solely for our community. Get flicking through our back catalogue, Equity Punks!

Beer Geek Bucket List

Coming soon to our TV Network – a showcase series on the best craft breweries in the UK. Hosted by Martin Dickie, the initial run of ten episodes will feature the first-hand stories of breweries such as Cloudwater, Fierce Beer and The Kernel.


Equity Punk Mission Control

Our shareholders are our best advocates, most ardent fans and our harshest critics so we are harnessing their power with the Equity Punk Mission Control. Their ability to review and input on our plans will help our future strategy immensely! Equity Punks, sign up via your forum.

You can download The BrewDog Blueprint here to check out all that we are excited about for the months and years ahead. Everything we do will have at its heart our community of amazing people.  

Check back later for the rounding out of this mini-series with a look ahead to our BrewDog Bars!

Everything we do will have at its heart our community of amazing people.