This. Is. Lager.

This is the end of brainwashed, glassy-eyed beer consumption.
This is the start of something special.
This is craft beer.
This. Is. Lager.

Today we announce one of our most ambitious beers to date. It's not a barrel aged wonder with complex, strange and rare ingredients. It's not a beer brewed off the coast of North-East Scotland. It's not packaged in an animal's carcass. 
This. Is. Lager.
True to its namesake. True to itself. True to you, the drinker. No additives. No big expensive billboard campaign. No added colours. No fakery. Just. Lager.

Tomorrow, from noon until midnight (Wednesday 3rd September) we will be offering you the chance to try this beer free of charge in our UK bars and make up your own mind as to whether it's as fantastic as we think it is. We're not going to force repetitive, empty slogans down your throat, just offer you the chance to be your own judge and try 1/3 pint of our new beer. And we will foot the bill.

Its intent is to redefine a beer style that has for so long been defined by shallow, listless beers undeserving of the name.

This. Is. Lager. is brewed with 100% malt and ten times the hops of most industrial lagers. It is aged for five weeks before bottling like a real lager should be, and fermented with a genuine German lager yeast.

Its mission is to put the heart and soul back into a beer style that has been bastardised the world over.
This. Is. Lager.

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