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Like buses, great beer comes in threes and this week we have another trio of new releases rolling up to our online shop. Included in the ranks are two brews we created in conjunction with you guys – this year’s #MashTag and Beatnik releases (Beatnik being our Equity Punk #MashTag), and for the first time both are available to all! The final beer is a firm favourite returning to our ranks.

So let’s take a rundown on this epic set of beers…

#MashTag 2018


You can buy #MashTag 2018 here

The fifth running of our exercise in democratic beermaking that is #MashTag took place back in May. Hundreds of people voted over the week from the moment we revealed the choice of four potential styles. Pale Ale, Red Ale, Stout or Barley Wine duked it out with the first of those choices winning – and as the days ticked by we ended up with our final beer – a crowdsourced 5% Pale Ale brewed with Pale and Maris Otter Malts, US Hops and infused with hibiscus flower and yuzu.

You did your part, so our brewers have done theirs and this year’s #MashTag is now ready to rock and roll. With bottles sporting an amazing label designed by Patrycja Siuzdak (which of course was also the result of a public vote), the beer inside has a biting bitterness but one offset by the intense floral and citrus aromas of the two added ingredients. The addition of Chinook gives piney resin that acts as a perfect foil and rounds off into the aftertaste.

Beatnik Raspberry Cheesecake Imperial Stout


You can buy Beatnik Raspberry Cheesecake Imperial Stout here

Our card-carrying Equity Punks are the heart and soul of BrewDog, and so each year we lay on a special version of #MashTag just for them. One major difference is that we invite them up to Ellon to take part in the brewday or (as this year) oversee the packaging of the beer so they can taste the final result – plus other beers and street food against a backdrop of laid-back tunes. The annual Beatnik Day is just one of the benefits of being a BrewDog shareholder.

For this year we rocked such a large-scale brew that we have enough for everyone to enjoy (after our Equity Punks got their pre-release chance to buy). The final beer decided upon was a truly mighty 8.9% raspberry cheesecake imperial stout – a liquid dessert with flavours of ganache, honeycomb and biscuit joined by a complementary hit of juicy berry fruit. It's an amazing beer and we had a blast spending the day with our shareholders when it was packaged!

Restorative Beverage for Invalids and Convalescents


You can buy Restorative Beverage for Invalids and Convalescents here

Finally for this week, the good Doctor returns. Toting amazing can artwork by Chris Bianchi we have another chance for you to enjoy one of the driest and most bitter IPAs we have ever created. Restorative Beverage proudly references the father of Pharmacology Dr Jonathan Pereira who in the 19th Century described India Pale Ale as ‘a most valuable restorative beverage for invalids and convalescents. It is taken with benefit by many persons on whom other kinds of ale act injuriously.’

Whether you find other ales injurious or not, RBIC is brewing history writ large; a high-fermented IPA attenuated out to within an inch of its life, making it incredibly dry, sheer and bright. At almost 9% ABV it is as light as a mass-market pilsner in colour, fermented to be as dry as a Lambic, but is as bitter as any double IPA and loaded with as much hop aroma as we can get into a beer. Beautifully unbalanced, it has savagely bitter highs of citrus and resin from start to (long) finish.


All three beers are live in our online shop right now and all three will also be pouring across our UK BrewDog Bars from 6pm tonight, Thursday 2nd August. If you get to try any of them be sure and let us have those tasting notes!

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