Two Thirds Too Far?




See details of our small protest here: 

Don't you just hate it when you try and do something nice for a change and it all gets thrown back in your face?

That's exactly how we felt when the government announced it had taken plans to introduce a 2/3 measure and poured it straight down the sink. 

Since 2008 when the idea first emerged, we got pretty excited in terms of the benefits to the industry; not just for the craft beer community but for Britain's approach to drinking that regularly gets so much stick in the press. 

In fact, we were so fully behind the idea that we momentarily stopped planning the world's downfall and actually began stockpiling glasses so fans of BrewDog could enjoy their beers at the new measure as soon as legislation was passed. 

Alas, nay. Now all we're left with is a very large box of dusty 2/3 glasses and the distinct feeling that the government and its alcohol naysayers have once again put their foot in it in an attempt to reign the UK's alcohol industry back into line.


From where we're standing however, we can see plenty of reasons why 2/3 pints would become a welcome addition to the standard line up of British measures:

For a start, there's improving the range of options and choice available to drinkers so as not to limit them to drinking what might seem like a lot – a pint – and what might seem like not a lot – a 1/3 or 1/2 pint. With beer loving countries such as Australia and Germany boasting a pretty broad range of legal measures that provide the perfect solution to suit the tastes of all drinkers isn't it time we followed suit? 

The benefits to the craft beer community shouldn't be underestimated either. Higher ABVs, intense tastes and challenging styles are often best enjoyed in smaller measures; allowing drinkers to savour and sample a beer – much like you would with a fine wine – or even try smaller amounts of different beers – particular useful at beer festivals where chopping and changing between brews sees a full pint become too much or a ½ not quite enough.


2/3 pints needn't just be the toast of the craft beer community or beer festivals however. Britain's image as the the pint swilling, lager lout could easily be put under serious threat if a more European style of drinking was made widely available.  That's right, we're talking stemmed 2/3 glasses in every pub, which isn't just a tad more refined but also releases the aromas and flavours of the beer a lot better than your standard pint glass. The result? Proper 'drinking' less 'necking'. 

2/3 pints make sense to us but what are your thoughts on the making 2/3 a recognised, legalised UK measure? We're going to be keeping all ears to the ground on the matter but, as ever, want to hear your thoughts first. 

And if all else fails? We'll just have ours served in a stoat, thanks..