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Let’s face it. Sometimes Monday can be the hardest day to navigate. With the weekend in the rear-view mirror you need to start the next five days in the right way. Fortunately, your local BrewDog Bar is there to help you out. As we are currently rocking #WingsWednesday we figured we should also now bring you #MeatFreeMonday.

From today you can score 2-4-1 on all Veggie and Vegan Mains in our UK Bars.


BrewDog Bars have a kick-ass vegetarian and vegan menu, and starting today (Monday August 13th) we are offering 2-4-1 on all main courses from that menu. All day, every UK Bar. Welcome to Vegan Mondays! So whether your jam is a Grazing Goat Pizza or a Soy Division tofu hot dog, then you can bring a friend along and they can score one on us.

As you know, nothing is sacred here at BrewDog so the start of Vegan Mondays means we are looking at switching up our meet-free offerings. But in true BrewDog style, you can help us out. Think #MashTag but with a (vegan) twist. Today also sees the introduction of the mighty Plant-Based Punch Up. What stays on our menu? You decide!


On September 10th we will be launching a new vegan menu and every day between now and then (not just on Mondays) we invite you guys to pit two brand new vegan burgers and two new vegan pizzas against our existing line-up. Whichever scores the most sales over the next month stays on board. So if you have a favourite be sure and buy it when you head down for a burger or pizza.

First up on the new challengers is the V-Beet Burger, a seasoned vegan beetroot burger dressed with vegan mayo, baby gem and red onion. From today until August 26th we are pitting that against the Heil Satan. Which will remain in our bars? It’s totally up to you. Between August 27th and September 9th we’ll deploy the next round and square off Clucky This Time with an awesome Buffalo Cauliflower Burger.


If your neighbourhood BrewDog Bar rocks pizzas then we are still rolling out the Plant-Based Punch Up between now and September 10th. Our resident vegan pizza (The Hero) is duking it out with two potential newcomers – firstly a wild mushroom and roasted garlic pizza and secondly one topped with BBQ jackfruit. This is a three-pronged punch-up to pick a single victor. Winner stays on.

Our beer labels already proudly display the logo of the Vegan Society so we are psyched to be able to offer 2-4-1 on all Vegan and Veggie main courses across our UK BrewDog Bars every Monday. If you take part be sure and let us know by paging @BrewDog on social media. And don’t forget to take part in the contest to pick a new Vegan menu, you have exactly a month to make a difference!

Whether your jam is a Grazing Goat Pizza or a Soy Division tofu hot dog, then you can bring a friend along and they can score one on us.