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Up to anything this weekend? If you’re a card-carrying Equity Punk (or a +1 of one) then the answer to that question for several thousand of you will involve a trip to the AECC in Aberdeen. Yes, it’s #PunkAGM time once again on Saturday, and we can’t wait to see the doors swing open and our amazing army of shareholders head inside to join us for the mother of all parties.

But what if you’re an AGM Newbie? Here’s a few Annual General Mayhem tips.

(Or as they are known today – hacks)

What should I bring?

You need three things to get into the AECC. So make a note of these and please remember them. Check the pockets. Don’t leave them in the taxi. Keep a tight grip if the walk is a windy one. To get into the AGM you’ll need your ticket (printed out, or on your phone via the ticket app). You’ll need your Equity Punk card or shareholder number. And you’ll need some form of ID as the venue operates Challenge 25.

You will also need some cash to pick up beer tokens and pay for food. The AECC is huge but it has only a single ATM so visit a bank before you leave the city centre. Also work out how to get home as the venue has buses and taxis that swing by, but come 11pm things will get busy. Have a plan! The AECC website has detail on how to get (and get back from) the venue. Finally you’ll be on your feet enjoying beer and music so dig out those comfortable/dancing shoes!

What should I leave behind?

We love dogs but sadly pooches aren’t able to attend the AGM (even as your +1) and the venue has also stated no backpacks or suitcases will be allowed in. All bags will be searched and the AECC have asked that it’s small bags only. No food or drink will be admitted either – bring an empty bottle to fill up at our free unlimited water stations, not a full one. Also leave behind illicit substances, weapons, your homebrew, any kind of penguin and anything else you figure probably won’t be welcome.

What are the timings?

Glad you asked! Check the listed timings above and pencil in the bands, talks and tastings you might want to attend. The beer tastings have had tickets on sale already so head to the desk on entry and ask what sessions still have tickets available. (If you have pre-booked a tasting session don’t forget to bring those tickets with you!)

What food can I get hold of?

We have a huge range of different foods on offer throughout the day, from a number of awesome suppliers (open the image in a new window and check them out!). We have ensured a variety of different vegetarian and vegan options and although the queues will hopefully be kept to a minimum, bear in mind that around lunchtime and teatime people will be getting hungry! Our advice – scout out the rooms when you arrive and note where your favoured food options are located so you can beeline there when hunger strikes.

Is anything else going on too?

Hell yeah! Our bars in Aberdeen will be running white-hot all weekend. Both will be showcasing some amazing breweries (check Bearded Iris on Friday for amazing NEIPA) and Castlegate will be rocking brunch from 10am Saturday and Sunday. On Monday stick around as BrewDog Aberdeen are hosting an epic Meet the Brewer with the guys from the Bruery!

And if you’re thinking of making the trip up to Ellon over the weekend, then we have you covered too. With its new pizza oven going strong, DogTap has extended opening hours for AGM weekend; our taproom will be open 10am-11pm 6th - 8th of April. Oh, and Equity Punks, the OverWorks taproom will be open to you for the first time Saturday 7th (12pm-10pm) and Sunday 8th (12-7).

Any other tips?

Sure. If you’re at the AECC and need anything – just grab one of our staff members for a chat and ask them. You’ll spot their distinctive black and blue BrewDog tees from across the room. We’re here to help! Be sure and think of questions to pose to James and Martin in their Q&A, work out what merch you might have room for in your wardrobe and – above all – relax, enjoy the beer, food and music and remember this all happens because of your investment!

And if you can’t make it, Equity Punks can live stream James and Martin’s business talk on the forum!

Equity for Punks V is now live! Click here to find out more about investing in BrewDog.

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anonymous 07.04.2018 @ 5:25pm
Where. Are. The. Games?
Bill (it had to be after Ben ...) 07.04.2018 @ 9:35am
Ah’m on my way - uh huh (uh huh) ...
1JBK 07.04.2018 @ 8:41am
george 06.04.2018 @ 7:51pm
awesome as usual
Mand 06.04.2018 @ 6:50pm
Got here enjoying a quiet pint before the games begin. Hope I've got the stamina. See u all tomorrow
Denise 06.04.2018 @ 6:04pm
Does anyone know - Can you use credit cards to buy drinks or is it cash only?
Patrick T 06.04.2018 @ 4:28pm
So looking at the beers on offer. I’ve got a list of 12 I intend to try and that’s without the usual suspects (Punk, Elvis, Pony, etc.)

Sunday is going to hurt a lot
Bethan 06.04.2018 @ 4:17pm
Last year, we were able to leave and come back in during the course of the day. Is that the case again this year?
Antoine 05.04.2018 @ 10:17pm
My +1 won't finally attend, but I purchased the entrance ticket for him... Can I get his credit to spend it (as I paid for 2 tickets...)
James 05.04.2018 @ 2:53pm
Sounds ace. Got my dancing shoes primed for Saturday. Any kind of ballpark offered around food and drinks pricing? Thanks. J. (EP)
James 05.04.2018 @ 11:44am
No backpacks? How am I supposed to carry all that lovely merch? ;-)
Ben 05.04.2018 @ 11:02am
Can't wait! See you at the weekend :)