Whether you call it New Year’s Eve or Hogmanay, the 31st and last night of December is the final chance to enjoy great beer in 2018. As such it is also the chance to end one year on a high and start the next in the way you mean to go on – enjoying craft beer in the company of your closest friends. And to celebrate the end of an amazing year on Planet BrewDog we have decided to go out in style.

We are giving away a year’s free beer in every single UK BrewDog Bar!*

We are holding a raffle to remember, with the winning ticket being pulled from a hat in each bar immediately after the bells. If your name is read out on the first stroke of 2019 then the year ahead is going to be a truly epic one for you and your drinking buddies.

Alongside that we also have an amazing NYE Deal which can be booked in advance right here.

The deal gives you the chance of seeing 2018 out with a bang; for £7 you will receive:

- A pint of any Headliner

- Dram of single malt whisky

- Late-night bite

- Raffle ticket for the FREE BEER draw!

(and Equity Punks, your discount will be applied to that ticket price)

That link is also the one to visit if you want to book a table for your bar of choice, guaranteeing your group a seat and a chance to kick back until the big moment arrives at 12!

If you want to be in with a chance of winning that years’ worth of free craft beer then you can triple your chances by scoring three tickets to that all-important raffle. Why have one ticket in the hat when you can have three?

Firstly, anyone who buys a voucher for our NYE Deal will get a raffle ticket. Secondly if you book a table at the same time, everyone who is sat round it at 8pm will also get a ticket – if that’s you, there’s your second! Finally, as Hogmanay is a celebration, we are going to give out a further ticket to everyone in the bar before 10:30pm. Because why not?

To make things even more interesting, the raffle isn’t a one-prize deal. We are also going to be awarding other cool items such as items of BrewDog Merch, BrewBucks and places at our legendary Beer Schools. So if you want to see in 2019 with incredible beer, music, food and your best friends – and have the chance of spending that year drinking for free – then head to your local BrewDog on New Year’s Eve!

* With the exception of BrewDog Clerkenwell, which is closed on the 31st. So don’t go there. Raffle will be drawn immediately after the bells and you must be present to win. NYE Deal vouchers are one per person although you can buy multiples for others. Equity Punk discount is available in the forum and must be claimed at time of booking voucher. Table bookings are at no additional cost but you must be there by 8pm to claim it!
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Parkey_G 12.12.2018 @ 3:04pm
Might be a tough choice for London to pick which bar to be in! But I think I will manage to narrow it down :)
Paul 12.12.2018 @ 1:16pm
nice idea got to be jet black heart and single malt