Stone Enjoy By 08.16.14 IPA hits BrewDog!

Stone Enjoy By 08.16.14 IPA hits BrewDog!

Hold onto your seats, beer fans, this one will knock you for six.

As you well know, Stone is one of our favourite breweries worldwide. James has said if he wasn't running BrewDog, he'd want to work at Stone (or be Captain of a fishing trawler. I digress.). With that, we are super psyched to announce we will be launching the first shipment of their outstanding Enjoy By IPA outside the USA next week!

We have secured a limited number of bottles of this insanely cool beer, and we are air freighting it across so it will arrive in our bars a mere 7 days after it is released by the brewery! Considering they're based in San Diego, this excites us greatly.

The Stone Enjoy By… series is dead cool as all bottles must be sold and consumed by the date on the bottle, ensuring optimal freshness is enjoyed by every drinker. As this is Enjoy By 8.16.14 IPA (and it's a Yank date, so switch 'em round) we will have just 29 days to get this beer into your paws! 

Enjoy By 8.16.14 IPA will hit BrewDog UK bars and BottleDog on 23rd July*, and they will be the only places in the UK (or anywhere else outside the USA) that you can get hold of it! CAN YOU TELL WE ARE EXCITED?

In addition to being a super cool brew (and Martin's FAVOURITE EVER BEER) there's also some fun we can have around it. The "Enjoy By O Meter" tracks where in the world people are enjoying the beer, and this will be the first time there'll be people outside America appearing on it, so get involved! When you try the beer, tweet about it using the hashtags #EnjoyBy AND #BrewDog and your tweets will appear on the site. If Stone don't hear that you're enjoying it, it might not come back to the UK, so make sure you make some noise! (Online that is, we don't want the neighbours to complain.)

This beer is amazing, delicious and well worth checking out, so hit our UK bars from 6pm on Wednesday 23rd July to try it. We will see you there.


*We originally planned to launch the Enjoy By 8.16.14 IPA on Fri 18th but the shipment was delayed from the US.

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alfax 10.07.2014 @ 6:21pm
Save me one in the Bottledog, Im coming to London the 23th!
BallyMoss 10.07.2014 @ 1:57pm
Can Brewdog give us an idea on price? Will there be limits to the amount of bottles one can buy?
Hoptometrist 10.07.2014 @ 4:44am
Had this sent from a buddy in Cali a few weeks ago. Phenomenal beer. Really, really dank, piney and juicy fresh super-hop goodness. A lot like Magic Rock Un-Human actually. I would say IBU ~100
Andymac 10.07.2014 @ 1:48am
22oz. 9.4 Abv. 88 ibus
HopSniffer 09.07.2014 @ 11:17pm
So, this is just bottles? No kegs to tap in the bars as well? Cant help but think these bottles are going to be outrageously priced and I will buy anyway. Slave to the hops.
Kevin 09.07.2014 @ 11:02pm
Heres what you need to know:Stats: 9.4% abv, 88 IBUs, 22oz bombersHops bill: Calypso during the mash; Super Galena hop extract for bittering; Simcoe, Delta, Target, and Amarillo for flavor; Motueka, Citra, and Cascade for aroma; Nelson Sauvin and Galaxy for dry hopping
enjoyby 09.07.2014 @ 7:34pm
Writing from America here, but can answer some of the questions Im reading.Its a 9.4% ABV double IPA, and comes in the American bomber bottle - 22oz (~650ml) and keg. Hop list can be found on the Stone blog. Suffice it to say its incredibly aromatic and vibrant.Over here, it sells for $7.99 and disappears immediately. Id expect it to be at least 2-3 times that by the time it reaches the UK. Worth every penny though. One of the best beers Ive ever had, bar none.
CardiffBeerBlog 09.07.2014 @ 5:01pm
Will you be getting these in for the Cardiff opening?!
allanmb 09.07.2014 @ 3:43pm
Do we have an ABV? IBU? HopList? Something to whet my appetite until I try in the Newcastle bar :)
HopZine Rob 09.07.2014 @ 3:41pm
I was lucky enough to land in San Diego on the 12th April so managed to pick up a bottle of Enjoy By 05.16.14 that had only been bottled 3 days earlier and also managed to drinking on tap 2 days after release at Stone Liberty Station. It is truely a wonderful beer.
dearl 09.07.2014 @ 1:47pm
Get them in the online shop please!We dont all live near your bars our shops (dang).
PeteH., Nottm 09.07.2014 @ 1:31pm
Wow. Looks awesome ! (To borrow a favourite word from James).I hope to be trying this the w/e after next in Nottingham Brewdog.What size bottle is it, and any idea about how much it will cost ?(You know Im going to buy it anyway ....)
katharsis 09.07.2014 @ 1:12pm
Yes! Recommended by Dickie - this has got to be good!
fiendish feet 09.07.2014 @ 1:12pm
Holy smokes! I WANT IN MY BELLY