The barrel store at OverWorks is extensive and extending. We take the best care of our barrels that we can and reuse almost indefinitely. This encourages a diverse microflora of yeast and bacteria in the wood grain of the barrel staves.

However, sometimes they break, become unusable or (rarely) pick up an infectious yeast or bacteria that we don’t want in there. So, what happens to our discarded barrels?

Enter the heroes from Wood Recyclability!

Based in Pitmedden (7 miles from the brewery), Wood Recyclability are a not-for-profit social enterprise employing adults with all manner of disabilities to work in their reclaimed wood shop.

Collecting our unwanted barrels provides quality wood to manipulate in their workshop into planters, counters, sun loungers and even dog beds. On a more delicate scale; guitar stands, wine racks and whisky flight boards.

Wood Recyclability don’t just remove our disused barrels and we never see them again - the OverWorks tap handles and lambic baskets you’ll see out and about on your beery adventures are made by the talented woodworkers at Wood Recyclability to our specifications.

With such a good cause to fight for, Brian Reid at Wood Recyclability is looking at a few expansion plans, they hope to do some limited-edition barrel products solely for you BrewDog aficionados, the introduction of barrel furniture and bars for hire for corporate and wedding events and a bespoke design department for one off specials to meet customers specific requirements. 

You can see all the good work they do on their facebook page and check their perfect range of gifts for that barrel fanatic we all know!


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Katrijn Major 12.09.2018 @ 11:03am
Love this!

Wanted to add that Sarah Turner ( makes beautiful art work from recycled cans that she collects from festivals and donations. She does a lot of work with Brewdog cans and I bought a beautiful canvas made from Elvis Juice cans two years ago at Glastonbury.

Really worth looking up!