The Nanny State of 2010

The Nanny State of 2010

New Adventures in Imperial Milds.

At BrewDog we appreciate your inability to know your limits - especially when it comes to alcohol – which is why we've created the new 2010 Nanny State!

Nanny State is back and this time it is better than ever. The 2009 1.1% Nanny State was a reaction to the massive controversy, out-cry and backlash surrounding Tokyo*.  The beer was designed to make a statement, make a stand and to really push the boundaries of a 1.1% beer. It was insanely bitter and bordering on being too extreme. Although it got attention and made our point, maybe we were guilty of making the 2009 Nanny State too much about the effect and not enough about the beer itself.


However we really loved the concept of a low ABV beer with loads of taste, great hops and an assertive bite and we found some inspiration in the bones of our first attempt. After some playing about, tweaking, clever science and a few pilot batches Nanny State is back!

And this time it is all about the beer, and the beer is awesome! Gone are the 200+ IBUs which brought grown men to tears! Our new Nanny State is 0.5% ABV and focuses on being a great drink as opposed to a great publicity ploy. This beer is now focussed on getting all that is good about BrewDog into a practically alcohol free format. It is a West Coast inspired pale ale with a difference!

The beer has 45 IBUS and is brewed with centennial, amarillo, columbus, cascade and simcoe and intensively dry-hopped with centennial and amarillo. The backbone is provided by 8 different types of speciality malts with only 87 kilos of malt used in a 20HL batch (our Punk IPA uses 450 kilos in 20HL).


Here are Martin’s notes on his baby:

Big fruity up front and in your face aroma with a Medley of ripe citrus, orange, sherbet lemon, lychee. Herbal and piny edges add a touch of balance. On the pallet the 100% of speciality malts work hard to balance out the barrage of Humulus lupulus we throw at this beer.  Amber and crystal malts add some biscuit sweetness which is quickly balanced and overcome with more fruity hop and resinous flavours and then these cleanse the palate and transcend into a long, refreshing and quinine bitter finish.

You can buy some and make your own little protest against the bueorocracy and regulation epidemic that is apparently all that stands between us and the slow and gradual downfall of Western civilisation here.

Yes I did start a sentence with ‘And’. It is 2010. Love live the Queen.

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Alexander D. Mitchell IV 08.02.2010 @ 5:12pm
Ah, but: West Coast of Scotland, or West Coast of the U.S./North America? There is a wee bit of difference, you know.......
Craig 08.02.2010 @ 1:07pm
The correct spelling is bureaucracy - from the French word for office - bureau.

Long live whatever is left of the free market.
Chunk 08.02.2010 @ 9:35am
Excited about this. Glad youve stuck with the concept and made it more about the beer this time around.