Every so often we like to open the hatches of our Ellon brewhouse (and remove a few stoppers from our barrel store) to take a closer look at what we have in the pipeline. This way, you can get a sneak preview of what you can expect to be charging your glasses with over the next few weeks and months. As always, our epic team of brewers have been busy creating a range of incredible things – so let’s don the brewery hard hat and discover exactly what they are!

And we begin with the very next BrewDog beer to hit your glassware…

Semi-Skimmed Occultist

The first of our canned one-off releases for 2017 is a beer that perfectly encapsulates the move from winter into spring. For those after a jolt to jumpstart their year we bring you a coffee and chocolate vanilla oatmeal milk stout – Semi-Skimmed Occultist. Launching soon it will supercharge your outlook on the shortest month of the year and is cloaked in amazing artwork from London-based duo The Red Dress. We can’t wait for this to hit the shelves.

Nitro Breakfast Stout

Our Pilot Kit has been running white-hot of late, producing some amazing small-batch draft-only creations to be uncovered at your nearest BrewDog bar. Look out for this one soon – we have dialled in an 8.0% Breakfast Stout with a serious amount of dark malt and oats to give it that all-important body and depth of flavour. Like a chocolate milkshake charged with a shot of espresso, we are going to serve this on Nitro in our network of BrewDog bars.


Another beer that is maturing and developing flavour as we speak is the latest iteration of our Abstrakt series; AB22. The second to be packaged in wax-dipped bottles, it is a chai-spiced imperial brown ale brewed with five different malts and single-hopped with Columbus. The malt bill deployed in a brown ale is a perfect complement to the classic spices used in chai tea – cardamom, clove, cinnamon, nutmeg and black pepper – and this latest Abstrakt is going to be something truly special.

Hop Fiction

Once we hit March that means that our first seasonal release of the year, Zeitgeist, will take a back seat to its successor – a beer that needs very little introduction. Hop Fiction has built a small army of fans since it was first launched as part of our 2014 Prototype Series, and our American Pale Ale will be ready and waiting in travel-friendly cans and 660ml bottles for that exact moment when the weather improves and we can head outside to enjoy it.

Tactical Nuclear Penguin

Yes, it’s back. We couldn’t enter into our tenth anniversary year (see below) without commissioning the ice-distillation equipment for another brew of Tactical Nuclear Penguin. The one-time strongest beer in the world is ripe for another outing, even as the world has moved on around it – but to keep with the times this particular shot of TNP is going to be just that; once ready to go we are packaging up our game-changer in 110ml glass bottles.

Paradox Rye

Staying on the dark side of things we are also working on the latest in our ground-breaking Paradox series of barrel-aged beers. We absolutely love the flavour characters that rye whiskey can impart on a beer (see: Albino Squid Assassin) so it was a complete no-brainer to introduce our imperial stout into them and sit back and wait. Well, that wait is getting shorter as the rich, decadent and bold 15% ABV Paradox Rye is nearly ready to be canned. Yes, we said canned.

Small Batch Tripel

Amongst the other forthcoming releases from our Pilot Kit (which include the return of the much-heralded Gin Blitz) is our chance to put the BrewDog spin on one of the world’s classic beer styles – the Belgian Tripel. We have cultured up the yeast and put it to work on a 13% version with added ginger, pink peppercorns and orange peel to ramp up the spice and citrus notes that will emanate from the yeast and the Mandarina Bavaria hops. The draft-only Tripel will be very definitely worth hunting for!

Cocoa Psycho Nitro

This one doesn’t really need much explanation. The transformation that a burst of Nitrogen has given to our oatmeal milk stout Jet Black Heart is something that we feel duty bound to deploy into some of our other beers, for similar gain. So our team of Cicerone-trained bar wizards will soon be ready to pour Cocoa Psycho Nitro – if you loved the body and mouthfeel the serve gives to the 4.7% stout, wait and see what it does to a 10% Imperial Stout (hint: something incredible).

BrewDog vs Beavertown

With our latest collaboration released last week we are turning attentions towards the next – in multiple barrels at the moment is a beer we brewed with the incomparable Beavertown. A thunderous imperial stout, it harnesses the power of nine different malts and three different casks. Riffing on the theme of coffee and cigarettes our collaboration has been ageing on Islay, Bourbon and Rye and will be smoky, insanely flavourful and completely unmissable.

Dog F

Finally for now, the return of our liquid anniversary. One of the most special beers we produce, Dog F won’t be ready for a couple of months (Equity Punks, you know what event is taking place in a couple of months). We love brewing our birthday imperial stout; the beer that developed and improved on the mighty Abstrakt AB04. Seeing as 2017 marks a Decade of Dog we have gone all out with Dog F and are currently ageing it in French Cognac barrels.

So, now that you’ve picked yourself up off the floor which of those beers will be first into your glassware? Let us know in the comments below what has spiked your interest from our most recent rundown of upcoming brews (and we haven’t even mentioned the rest of our 10th anniversary release line-up...but that’s for another time, perhaps).

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Rod C 15.02.2017 @ 2:27pm
Loving the sound of Semi-Skimmed Occultist. Will be picking up a can (or two) of that.
Tony wickham 13.02.2017 @ 1:06pm
As winter wanes, would be good to see more beers around the 6% mark, so that larger quantities can be consumed as temperatures rise. 8% and above are great as an experience, but thirsts still need quenching with something flavoursome.
Gavin Lawson 13.02.2017 @ 10:12am
Looking forward to the return of Hop Fiction
TheBBG 13.02.2017 @ 8:13am
Any of the Dog F been kept out side the barrels? Although Dog E was great, it still didn't quite match up to Dog A, B and C, which were amazing. No need to barrel age something that's already pretty much perfect: if it ain't broke, don't fix it ;-)
Knarastra 12.02.2017 @ 8:22pm
Rip Tide ??
Stunofish 12.02.2017 @ 6:12pm
Where's the sours?
Rob 12.02.2017 @ 5:30pm
Do you know if the big bottles of TNP will be produced still or is it hop shot size now only?
JonM 11.02.2017 @ 10:46pm
Great mind job canning the Paradox. Here to be challenged and this ought to do it!
Steve Adams 11.02.2017 @ 8:12pm
Well I'm more excited than a very excited thing from Excitedville, Tennessee. BrewDog vs Beavertown? Can't wait
Michel 11.02.2017 @ 1:02pm
Can't wait... What does Dog F look like? The picture is Dog E... (bet you guys have it covered in a special Anniversary label ;-))
Ash 10.02.2017 @ 6:44pm
TNP IS COMING BACK! I am so very happy.

Any news on Hello My Name is Ingrid? I know it won the ReBrewdog compo last year, but doesn't even seem to be in any of your bars yet. News?
Paul mcknockiter 10.02.2017 @ 5:26pm
Hang on chai spice ab22? Is this the same chai spice brown ale that was in castlegate last week on tap albeit in a lesser abv
Chris moss 10.02.2017 @ 3:03pm
Is there any Super Bashah (Stone collab) coming to the UK?
M 10.02.2017 @ 2:13pm
All is good. But nu chili love?
Laura D 10.02.2017 @ 1:05pm
Rejoice! More brews on Nitro!
BrewDog Rich 10.02.2017 @ 1:04pm
Pete - Paradox Rye will be available on draft in our bars and in cans
Ian Leslie 10.02.2017 @ 12:27pm
Hop fiction is awesome. Pity it's not available all year round...????????
Pete H 10.02.2017 @ 12:24pm
A lot of darkness coming our way.
Looking forward to the small batch Tripel, Cocoa Psycho Nitro, Beavertown collab and Paradox Rye.
Will the Paradox Rye be available on draught and in bottles, or just in cans ?
Dan 10.02.2017 @ 11:58am
Does that mean we won't get a fancy box with Paradox now? :(
Phil 10.02.2017 @ 11:48am
If the Beavertown colab is anything like Catherine's Pony, it will be awesome! How about a re-release of that for your tenth Anniversary? A man can dream :)
Allan Hardy 10.02.2017 @ 11:44am
So many need! Much want!
Charlie 10.02.2017 @ 11:41am
Not sure drinking Paradox from a can will be quite as momentous as from a bottle.
Alex O 10.02.2017 @ 11:39am
I love Hop Fiction
Maxwell 10.02.2017 @ 11:17am
Dark knight 10.02.2017 @ 11:09am
All of that looks amazing, but the Beavertown collaboration very much so indeed