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Every year we re-release one of the best documents we have ever put together. DIY Dog. A compilation for (and of) the ages, it contains every single BrewDog beer recipe in homebrew-level detail, issued as a free download to anybody who would like it. Hundreds of brewdays to come, more than a decade in the making. All there in black and white. Last year we rocked 63 new recipes but we have gone even bigger in the twelve months since.


Happy Homebrewing!

Download DIY Dog to explore our back catalogue, recreate an old favourite and put your spin on any BrewDog beer ever created. After all, sharing is caring...

DIY Dog contains all our recipes - past, present and future. As a result, the file is fairly hefty! Be sure to move it to your desktop when you download it so you can open it. If you have any trouble, email hello@brewdog.com.

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Homebrewing is ingrained in our DNA at BrewDog. So with DIY Dog, we've taken all of our recipes and are giving them away for free to the amazing global homebrewing community.