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We’re on a mission to brew, discover and shout about great craft beer. But no matter how big the pack grows, we’ll always be true to our roots, evangelical about craft and committed to spreading the passion for good beer.

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In 2009 we needed investment to grow, but we couldn't get a loan from the bank. So we took matters into our own hands and invited a community of beer lovers to join us. Fast forward to today and we have over 200,000 Equity Punk shareholders around the globe, with our latest record-breaking round raising £31 million.

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We're always on the lookout for great people who want to join us on our journey of making people as passionate about beer as we are. With 4 breweries and over 100 bars worldwide, we're growing a rapid rate and there are always new opportunities to join the crew.

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Planet BrewDog

At BrewDog, we’re doing all we can to help the planet and show that beer can be a force for good. And now you can too. Planet BrewDog is our new loyalty club that rewards you (and the planet). Join today for free and see how you can make a difference by drinking your favourite BrewDog beers.