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Since 2017, we have committed to donating a portion of our profits each year to fund incredible charitable activities across the world. We are on a mission to change the world of beer, and we want to help you change the world at large. Through the BrewDog Foundation, we will donate £1m each year to charitable initiatives that our crew want to support – and here’s how you can apply for your project to be one of them.



All charities who would like to request funding from the BrewDog Foundation will be asked to submit a bid document outlining their plans (see below). Our BrewDog Foundation team will review applications on a monthly basis until the end of the year and either progress your application through the steps below, ask for further information, or let you know why we won’t be supporting your project this time round

1. Bid received
2. BrewDog Foundation team review
3. Project shortlist created
4. Staff voting
5. Mission Control approval of final project list
6. Funds allocated

We will also select a number of Hero Projects which showcase the incredible work our charity partners carry out each year. If your plan has been elevated to Hero Project status, you’ll be informed of this at the funding allocation stage.

Example Image


Example Image


We don’t mind what format your bid takes – written, video or interpretive dance. We do however ask that it contains all of the following information:

1. Your charity’s name, mission and charity registration details.
2. An overview of the project for which you are requesting funding.
3. The timelines of the project – whether this is program length, completion time etc.
4. The projected impact of the project.
5. The amount of funding requested.
6. Whether you are working with any other high level sponsors for this project.
7. Press plan.
8. Opportunities for our staff to be engaged or involved in the project’s completion.
9. What colour socks you’re wearing.

We may occasionally come back to you with further questions or requests for clarification as we go through the shortlisting process.


Our Hero Projects will be allocated priority funding/resources and we see them as the best opportunities for our staff to engage with the work of the BrewDog Foundation. If your application is up for Hero Project status, we’ll let you know at the shortlist stage!

If you have any questions or require information or guidance while completing your BrewDog Foundation bid, please feel free to email foundation@brewdog.com