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All Matches - 14th June - 14th July

This summer, we'll be showing the European Championship matches at our German bars!

We have installed a huge HD outdoor screen in our epic beer garden. With the very first match on Friday 14th June, if you're looking for awesome beer, epic food and an incredible atmosphere. If you’re looking for a Berlin, Hamburg, Wiesbaden, or Frankfurt Fanzone with brewery fresh beer, then look no further.

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Our HD Screens are showing all the Euro's action this summer. Sit back and relax with a perfect view, epic food and a fresh pint.

Reserve your seat with the best view of our screens and, in addition to a pint of your favorite headliner, you'll get a portion of crispy tortilla chips with a spicy dip.

All of this is available for 15 euros per person!

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Watch At DogTap Berlin

This summer DogTap’s beautiful summer garden is going to transform into THE public viewing oasis par excellence: Book a table for a max. of 8 guests with the best view of our almost 20 square meter LED screen.

You will also receive 12 ice-cold cans of our headliner range, crispy tortilla chips with a spicy dip and an impressive 3L beer tower at halftime.

For just 120 Euro for 8 people a table!

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Watch At Frankfurt

Sit back, relax and enjoy THE sporting event of the year in our Frankfurt Bar.

Book a table for a max. of 5 guests with the best view of the big screen. You will also receive tortilla chips & dip, 10 cans of our headliner range & a 3L Beer Tower at halftime for 90 euro!

Don't you need a table? Then reserve a spot with the best view of the screens. There's also our delicious tortilla chips and dip and a headliner pint, for 15 euros per guest.

Unsere Bars

Berlin Friedrichshain

Frankfurter Tor 7, 10243 Berlin

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Berlin Mitte

Ackerstraße 29, 10115 Berlin

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Kaiserstraße 51, 60329 Frankfurt am Main

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Hamburg St Pauli

Reeperbahn 1, 20359 Hamburg

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Marktstraße 20, 65183 Wiesbaden

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Wednesday 19 June:

Croatia Vs. Albania - 15:00

Germany Vs. Hungary - 17:00

Scotland Vs. Switzerland - 21:00

Thursday 20 June:

Slovenia Vs. Serbia - 15:00

Denmark Vs. England - 17:00

Spain Vs. Italy - 21:00

Friday 21 June:

Slovakia Vs. Ukraine - 15:00

Poland Vs. Austria - 17:00

Netherlands Vs. France - 21:00

Saturday 22 June:

Georgia Vs. Czechia - 15:00

Türkiye Vs. Portugal - 17:00

Belgium Vs. Romania - 21:00

Sunday 23 June:

Switzerland Vs. Germany - 21:00

Scotland Vs. Hungary - 21:00

Monday 24 June:

Albania Vs. Spain - 21:00

Croatia Vs. Italy - 21:00

Tuesday 25 June:

France Vs. Poland - 17:00

Netherlands Vs. Austria - 17:00

Denmark Vs. Serbia - 21:00

England Vs. Slovenia - 21:00

Wednesday 26 June:

Slovakia Vs. Romania - 17:00

Ukraine Vs. Belgium - 17:00

Georgia Vs. Portugal - 21:00

Czechia Vs. Türkiye - 21:00