LoneWolf Cranachan Vodka

ALC.VOL 40.8%

A vodka masquerading as a Burns Supper dessert.

A vodka crafted in not one, but three different ways. Locally-sourced double cream, toasted oats and freshly pressed raspberries, distilled in a single malt vodka base. Blended with barrel-aged vodka from a heavily-charred virgin American oak cask.

The result is as flavoursome as its namesake and as colourful as the bard himself. The oats are not the only thing to be toasted in style.

To the Immortal Memory of Robert Burns.


We don’t need to declare any allergens since all ingredients have been through the distillation process.

It’s worth noting that the original ingredients contained: lactose, gluten, oats. This is NOT suitable for vegans.

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