2008 Prototype Challenge Winner

hops, votes and zeitgeists

2008 Prototype Challenge Winner

The BrewDog 2008 prototype challenge was a great success:


It was brilliant for us to involve fans and customers in our key decisions and we the response from you guys was amazing. We hope it was cool for you too see the innermost workings of the BrewDog machine and see prototype beers in their rawest format! It is definitely something we will do again in 2009 so watch out.

We are delighted to unveil the winner: Chaos Theory

This insanely hopped deep copper ipa went down very well and showcases one single hop to perfection. It is a kaleidoscope of hypothetical contingencies, one single hop determined to pull in so many directions.

However it was a closely run thing and we also received some amazing feedback for zeitgeist, our black lager. We decided it was too cool to ditch and simply forget about a beer so many people (including ourselves) were really excited about! However to add it to the BrewDog portfolio would go against the principles of the prototype challenge. So we had a dilemma on our hands and we were stuck. We are not going to tell you too much about how the story developed or what became of the beer just yet. It involves an amazing idea, a university collaboration, an incredibly talented young girl and a website idea that is so innovative it has never been heard of before. It is all very exciting! We will be releasing more details very shortly though. If you can't handle the supense the mixed case below will answer some of your questions.......

There is also a London zeitgeist event on the 26th of February - email charles@tipped.com if you would like to witness the birth of a revolution.

We have an amazing mixed case offer, this is your chance to own 001 (first ever batch) of Chaos Theory and also your chance to see what is going to become of zeitgesit before anyone else! It is also your chance to get your paws on our stunning new 2/3 pint glass (pictured) a pin badge, a temporary tattoo and even a t-shirt.




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Comments (7)

G Dunbar 27th February, 2009 9:17pm
Just picked up some Zeitgeists & 77s from Cornelius in Edinburgh. I’m amused to note that the phrases “nourishing foodstuff” and “magic is still there to be extracted from this drink” happen to crop up on the 77! Brilliant – I think all BrewDog products should carry these words from now on...
Kevin Burges 24th February, 2009 9:45pm
top quality! I was hoping zeitgeist was going to survive in some form. Time to place another order. And find somewhere larger to store my mounting collection
G Dunbar 17th February, 2009 10:23pm
Cool label design...and I wholeheartedly agree – DON’T CONFORM!
Matt G 17th February, 2009 3:00pm
Inspired by G Dunbars detective work I had look and found this website.


Whatever it is going to be it looks very cool and I cant wait to find out more about this project!
G Dunbar 16th February, 2009 3:49pm
Aha! I’m guessing that the Zeitgeist is the mystery beer previously featured in this January post: http://www.brewdog.com/blog-article.php?id=53#comments I can see why you went with Chaos Theory in the end but I’m glad that Zeitgeist will be commercially available...
andy 16th February, 2009 11:18am
glad to see you are keeping zeitgeist, hopefully you will have some left once ive been paid.
magicdave6 16th February, 2009 10:54am
Woo hoo, another glass to add to the collection!