2010 Photo Competition Results

drum roll please....

1st - All Hail the Penguin


2nd - Swedish Beer Punk!


Joint 3rd - Not the 5'oclock Tea


Joint 3rd - Beer for Punks


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Comments (10)

Vaiz 2nd June, 2010 7:35pm
Drunk bastards, they completely packed the wrong prize. No AB:01, only 1 bismarck.... But 2 sharks! Haha :D Thanks guys, we won't complain!
Sand 31st May, 2010 7:17pm
Yay, third!
Mike 25th May, 2010 11:20am
I didn't win? Gutted! I wanted that shark! Well done to everyone else though!
Colin 24th May, 2010 9:57pm
W0000t!Can't wait to taste that shark!
Vaiz 24th May, 2010 7:25pm
Yay, we won! Had loads of fun making the picture (and drinking the contents of all those bottles :)). Never thought we would actually win... Big up to all the other contestants, I'm seeing loads of creativity and good photographers! And what a prize package, can't wait to see the faces of out friends when we pull out a bottle of shark at the next tasting session. Thanks a lot guys!
anarchy999 23rd May, 2010 4:45pm
f.a.o. boo brew, dry your eyes and lighten up, its only a bit of fun :)
James, BrewDog 23rd May, 2010 9:30am
Boo Brew.Try sending it again. Maybe it got caught in my spam filter.
boo brew 23rd May, 2010 1:42am
They didn't even show the picture I sent in. I demand a retrial...or I guess it would be a re-contest? Anyway Thats shit that they didn't even get mine. I sent it in WELL before the dead line. I say BOO to this contest. It was fixed from the start
anarchy999 22nd May, 2010 2:24pm
love the photos, looks like a lot of people had lots of fun taking them m/ m/
Dorian Moore 22nd May, 2010 11:05am
Damn, for a second there I thought I'd won, then I realised my picture got picked as the poster frame for the video... ho hum.Well done to the winners!