…with a re-up of Hazy Jane


Today is a red letter day for lovers of red ale. A fortnight ago we launched a super limited-edition batch of canned bittersweet chaos to our army of Equity Punks, as they get first dibs on all of our new beer (and much-loved beer in new formats). Now, we have released our American Red Ale into the wild and it is available to all and ready to rock.

5AM Saint is now live in cans.

5AM Saint Cans

You can buy 5AM Saint cans online here

Our homage to the red ales of North America, 5AM Saint is hopped to the brink and back with some of our favourite hops from the Pacific North-West. We also love cans, so it’s a natural fit and the culmination of something we have wanted to do for some time (and also something you guys have been asking about too).

A bitter twist on a classic style, 5AM Saint proves that bold resinous bitterness need not be confined to India Pale Ales – its supporting malt bill that includes Munich and Dark Crystal elevate the rich, roasty baseline into perfect harmony with the hops. First released a decade ago, now is your chance to get hold of this small-batch run of 5AM Saint in cans!

Hazy Jane

You can buy Hazy Jane online here

Speaking of chances, also online we have the last chance to catch the latest batch of Hazy Jane. Brewed with a thirty-day shelf life to ensure the peaks of intense pine and stone fruit remain as we intended, this run will soon be done. Our Vermont-style IPA is on the clock, so anybody looking for a throwback to summer you don’t have long to secure your perfect beer!

Brewed with pale malt, oats and wheat for a hugely smooth mouthfeel, we then pushed Hazy Jane to the limit with five different US hops before fermenting out with our proprietary BrewDog yeast. At 7.2% ABV and unfiltered, Hazy Jane yields intense pine and stone fruit peaks, lime zest and resinous notes – all rounded by a low background bitterness.

You can buy 5AM Saint and Hazy Jane in cans from our online shop – let us know your tasting notes, and if there are any other BrewDog beers you would love to see in cans, leave your suggestions in the comments below. After all…you never know!

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Comments (4)

GeorgeK 25.10.2017 @ 4:29pm
Love 5AM it's my favourite Brewdog beer and one of the beers that got me into beer in the first place (if that makes sense)
Justin 25.10.2017 @ 2:38pm
Ordered! Thanks guys
Byron 25.10.2017 @ 12:07pm
I've waited a long time for this thank you so much to everyone who made it happen
Darren HL 25.10.2017 @ 11:55am
Just take my money Brewdog!