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5 hops, or maybe 6

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Comments (5)

bowman 4th June, 2011 10:45pm
Ben 3rd June, 2011 12:44pm
i noticed a slight change as well. I usually drink it on draught and it seems to be much darker now in colour than it use to be. Slightly less hoppy too, perhaps just a rogue batch?Easily the best beer brewdog make, don't go tinkering with the recipe of this too....
neil, eatingisntcheating.blogspot.com 3rd June, 2011 9:01am
Have you changed the malts you use in 5am saint? It's been tasting a little chocolately recently. Still tasting good, but just a bit, well, chocolatey!Not just me thats noticed it either, Dredge has said the same thing, as have a few other guys ive spoken to. Is it just a brewing quirk or a slight change in recipe?
Ian Prise 3rd June, 2011 1:17am
The best thing I have done at 5am, is drink a 5am Saint. Goes well with doghnuts, the perfect snack, before bed, after a nightshift.
Andrew 2nd June, 2011 11:31pm
Great video, a buisness with a sense of humour is much more appealing than a vigalante brewery.