5am T-shirts

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5am T-shirts

You can buy our new 5am Saint t-shirts here http://www.brewdog.com/shop/brewdog-stuff~clothing

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Comments (5)

Martin 30th January, 2011 8:53am
@Gatsby - they are available in the bar too!
Ian Prise 30th January, 2011 8:42am
Great looking shirt. When will you start doing XXXL? I've been drinking beer for years and it shows. I don't want to have to stop drinking beer so I can fit in to a cool Brewdog Tshirt.
Paul 29th January, 2011 10:05pm
Can I get a black one without a beard?
Gatsby 29th January, 2011 8:55pm
These are great. Will they be available to buy from the bar? Or just online?
Jo 29th January, 2011 4:37pm
These are AWESOME. The red shirt, in small would be a very cool present. Just saying.