A Sunday Afternoon in BrewDog Glasgow

We pull up a pew with our Glasgow patrons...

A Sunday Afternoon in BrewDog Glasgow

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Basking in the shadow of Scotland's most iconic museum - the Kelvingrove - BrewDog Glasgow, the latest addition to the family, opened this July. It may have only been open a matter of weeks but already BrewDog's Glasgow bar is alive with the hustle of beer fans, locals and the damn right curious.


Just like our bars in Edinburgh and Aberdeen, BrewDog Glasgow is another lynchpin in our mission to get more people passionate about craft beer. An antidote to the swathes of grubby drinking dens and high street chains that have blighted the availability of decent beer for years on end.

We dropped by on a Sunday afternoon and pulled up a pew in an attempt to get to know the patrons of our Glasgow bar that little bit better.

And here's what some of them had to say...


Name: Steven

Occupation: Analyst

What are you drinking today?: I’m enjoying a pint of Zeitgeist. Different beers lend themselves to different moods, which in the summer usually means a wheat beer, but today I’m feeling very Zeitgeist!

Are you a regular at BrewDog Glasgow?: This is the first time I’ve been to the bar and I’m really impressed so far. When I went up to the bar, the bar staff handed out samples and gave explanations so I could make an informed choice which was great.


Name: Kirsty

Occupation: English & Theatre Student

What are you drinking today?: Today I’m drinking 77 lager. It’s the first time I’ve tried it and so far so good!

How do you rate BrewDog Glasgow?: I love the environment that BrewDog have managed to create and I think it really adds to the experience. The bar’s looks amazing and there’s a good mix of people so it’s not as if it’s for one type of person, everyone’s welcome! Oh and the massive windows make it one of the un-dingiest bars in Glasgow which is also a bonus.


Name: Andy

Occupation: Accountant

What are you drinking today?: A pint of 77 lager

What kind of beer drinker are you?: I wouldn’t say I’m a beer aficionado but really enjoy good beer which is why I’m here today.

How were you introduced to BrewDog?: I was introduced to BrewDog by my cousin who is an Equity for Punks shareholder. I think the first beer I tried was Punk IPA which is a proper tasty number. I also think the beers are good value which can be difficult to find; especially when you like drinking in the West End.


Name: Phil

Occupation: Barista

What are you drinking today?: Right now, I’m drinking Hello My Name Is Ingrid

How would you describe Hello My Name Is Ingrid?: Very, very fruity. Perhaps a bit of mango in there, maybe even elderflower. It’s got quite a floral aroma and has a syrupy feel on the palette as well.

What was your first impression of BrewDog Glasgow?: I really like it, I wouldn’t think of it as a local but more of a place where you come to treat yourself because it’s a cut above. It would be great if there were more places like this!


Name: Jamie

Occupation: Coffee roaster

What beer are you drinking today?: I’m drinking Hello My Name Is Ingrid.

Do you think your occupation informs your approach to beer?: As a coffee roaster I’m very aware of how things taste . I don’t buy things that taste shit. BrewDog is for beer what our shop – Artisan Roast – is for coffee. You can taste the passion that goes into beers like this.

Have you been to BrewDog Glasgow before?: Yes, I think this is my third time here. I think it’s absolutely fantastic, a nice setting with a great variety of beers behind the bar. I’ll be back!  


Come and visit us - BrewDog Glasgow  1397 Argyle Street, Glasgow, G3 8AN

And you may just see Lynn's epic chalkboard.


Or some of these craft beer scamps!

BrewDog Glasgow bar staff

*Invest in BrewDog at www.brewdog.com/equityforpunks  

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Comments (8)

tourbus 28th August, 2011 2:13am
i was holiday, on the tourbus which was, unfortunately, back at the start of july. therefore i was licking the windows, thinking of a future day
leithdave 26th August, 2011 2:19pm
First visit to the Glasgow pub and I was really blown away. Brilliant night - some absolutely spectacular beer on offer. Looking forward to the Edinburgh event already!
HashigoStaff 25th August, 2011 2:48pm
Looking good Chris, ya bas'Love HashigoZake crew.
phil from Derby 24th August, 2011 8:52pm
Will be visiting Brewdog this weekend as part of my city break in Glasgow. You come highly recommended by ale fans in the Midlands.
leithdave 24th August, 2011 8:56am
Lovely blackboard!But why does it say September 3 - is the Glasgow dark side night still tomorrow? Or is there another night on?
Nacho 23rd August, 2011 8:31pm
bowman 23rd August, 2011 8:26pm
nacho? that you?
Chris 23rd August, 2011 6:41pm
The blackboard looks awesome