AB:10 draft launch & BrewDog Edinburgh's Alternative Beer Festival

cool stuff, this weekend, in BrewDog bars

AB:10 draft launch & BrewDog Edinburgh

Loads of things to get excited about:

Thing 1 - Saturday 30th June - All BrewDog Bars

On Saturday the 30th June, nationwide, BrewDog Bars open our taps to the decadent delight of our latest Abstrakt release, AB:10.


Our Abstrakt beers always involve a little bit of BrewDog Anarchy, they are only ever brewed and released once, making them some of the most illustrious and sought after beers on the planet. In this ground breaking set we have seen the likes of; vanilla bean, raspberries and strawberries, cacao, naga chillies, toasted coconut, heather honey and oatmeal to name just a few.


This Abstrakt, the tenth in our series, sees an epic 11.5% Imperial Brown Ale, aged in massive, sweet red wine barrels from Malaga. This aging process ensures the robust imperial brown ale picks up the depth of flavour from the red wine, and the oak from the barrels.

AB:10 will be launching in all seven of our Craft Beer Bars at 5pm sharp this Saturday. Each bar only has one 30L keg. Ensure your spot at the bar, you do not want to miss out on tasting this beauty. The AB:10 bottles will be launching online around the 10th of July.


Brewing with Sir Tom Hunter 

Also on Saturday night, all the bars will launch our new Hunter Foundation Pale Ale. This is a beer we made with Sir Tom Hunter (of the Hunter Foundation) and every pint that we sell, we will donate £2 to the foundation. The Hunter Foundation aims to eradicate poverty and enable education. Sir Tom is also one of the UK's most succesful and well know buiness figures. We will also see the return of Chaos Theory to our taps. This Hoppy badass of a beer, will sting your taste buds and leave you gasping for more, hurry though, we only have 1 keg per bar, when it’s gone, it’s gone! Don’t miss your chance!

Thing 2 - Edinburgh's Alternative Beer Festival - 29th, 30th June & 1st July


This weekend BrewDog Edinburgh is holding its own Alternative Beer Festival with a 3 day Tap Takeover from UK Breweries.

While the beards and sandals crowd are over at the Scottish Real Ale Festival enjoying 300 different variations on a flat warm Bitter, come down to BrewDog Edinburgh and experience the future of the British Beer scene.

Meet the BrewDog Edinburgh Team

We have 17 different beers from 7 of the leading British Breweries and with 6 Guest taps running over 3 days there will be plenty to choose from. We're not going to give away which beers will be pouring just yet but expect to see some special treats from the following superstars:

The Kernel    Tempest    Summer Wine    Magic Rock    Brodies    Redchurch    Lovibonds

As if that wasn't enough, at 5pm on Saturday we will be launching Abstrakt 10, an Imperial Brown Ale aged in Malaga Wine Barrels.


We're thrilled at the prospect of being able to showcase so much that's great about modern British Beer. If you're even half as excited as we are, you'll be flooding down here in your droves.

Join us from the 29th June. BrewDog Edinburgh Team xxx

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Comments (12)

Grahamf4 3rd July, 2012 11:33am
I do agree with John Bumstead. It is all getting a bit playground, "My dad's bigger than yours". Considering your progress over the last few years you are established enough to ignore CAMRA. All the sniping does is create a gulf between beer drinkers. Some craft beer devotees have perhaps never tasted really good ale e.g Hopback Summer Lightning, Oakham ales, Fullers ESB, Meantime beers, Liefman's Cuvee, Durham Temptation, my own porter or my new smoked stout with chipotles. Of course there are tonnes of insipid beers out there and there are some poor craft beers as well. For example, I don't really see the point of red hop beers especially when they have been over-hopped, in my opinion, and take away from the malt profile. It's not about strict definitions either. Take for example Harknott's Colonial Mayhem. An 8% mild. what a delicious beer but also an oxymoronic beer. It is not a mild and I doubt we could seriously say and get away with a "double" or "imperial" mild. It's all about good, well brewed and very tasty beer. In support of craft beer, of which I am a great supporter. There is already and I confidently believe there is going to be an explosion of bandwagon jumping. Many breweries, large independent and micro-breweries or should I say craft breweries are producing their "craft" IPA/pale ale. Some of which are pale imitations (pardon the pun). The give a nod to the imagination, sheer bonkers approach, novel or otherwise, of those who have chosen to go down the craft route and nothing more. All for trying to jemmy the precious pounds and pence out of our wallets and purses and to widen their repetoire. I don't want to drink pale imitations but I also do not need to see the knee-jerk reactions towards cask-ale when many people will not have a clue because they have come from drinking piss-poor lager/nitro-keg to craft beer heaven without stopping off at the stations in-between.There is so much room for disagreement yet so much to embrace about beer, different styles, hybrids, crazy processes and limitless ingredients to finely tune and hit our harworking palates with. As I said earlier. Well brewed beer with lots of flavour.
john bumstead 2nd July, 2012 9:46am
enough already with the camra shit, im bored with it. the best thing you can do is press on with your own stuff. there are plenty good scottish brewers aside from yourself. deal wi it!
escorts UAE 1st July, 2012 10:24pm
That was some interesting stuff here on www.brewdog.com Thanks for posting it.
PeterM 1st July, 2012 2:25pm
As a BD shareholder (and not a CAMRA member), I must confess I had a great time at the SRAF on Friday night, and I didn't even have to wear sandals (although I hadn't shaved for a few days, so the beard bit is half-right). There's great stuff being made by independent Scottish breweries at the moment (Tempest, Williams, Fyne, Tryst, Stewarts, Cromarty etc etc) and SRAF is a good showcase for that. This bogus "you're either with us or you're against us" schtick is tiresome. Having said all that, the Corn Exchange was a pain in the arse to get to, and the SRAF oompah band were bloody awful.
roddy 30th June, 2012 2:50pm
aye i agree we brewcat stop putting down al the other stuff jist cause its not your own and nae so alternative an punk its gettin a bit boring .and i am talkin as a customer o yours since 2007 an a shareholder since the first shares launch.nothin wrong we beards an sandles if thats your thing thats cool .both sound like a good day out whatever your drinkin
SashDog 28th June, 2012 8:54pm
Cant fucking waitTo blitz CowgateBRING ON SATURDAY !
John B 28th June, 2012 7:35pm
Great line up for the BrewDog Edinburgh festival - great to see BrewDog supporting the new wave of UK craft brewing!
jbc 28th June, 2012 7:33pm
Looking forward to my Saturday evening in BrewDog Newcastle.
Adrian D 28th June, 2012 7:33pm
Looking forward to adding AB:10 to my collection in my cellar!Just had an AB:05 yesterday and it was amazing. The beers age so well.
Amy K 28th June, 2012 7:32pm
Looks wicked guys - can't wait to taste the AB:10.
Brewcat 28th June, 2012 6:34pm
I'd rather enjoy the Ayr Blonde Stout (7.2%), the Orkney Porter (9%), the Orkney Dark Island Reserve (10%) or the fantastic ranges of Williams Bros or Fyne Ales.All "flat warm Bitter"? Nope.
Spike (Mr) 28th June, 2012 4:50pm
that is my weekend sorted then!