Abstrakt Addicts Club

Abstrakt Addicts Club

Abstrakt Addicts Club

Our Abstrakt series have proved a huge success. Innovative and conceptual beers designed to be collected and to showcase the benefits of ageing beers.  The series so far has included 15% Imperial Stout brewed with cacao and chilli, an deconstructed Imperial Stout, which was golden in colour, and an Imperial Brown Ale, aged in sweet Malaga wine casks for 4 months, along with many other boundary pushing beers. 


However with an average Abstrakt batch size of just over 5,000 individually numbered bottles they have almost proved too popular, usually selling out in hours when they go live on our online store.


The Abstrakt Addict Club is designed so that hardcore Abstrakt fans won't risk missing out on future releases and rewarded them with a discount for their support.  It proved so popular last year, that we are offering the subscription package once again!

A year’s membership covers 4 releases and, still, costs only £135 (delivery included) for UK residents. This will entitle you to 3 bottles of each of the next 4 editions of our acclaimed Abstrakt series delivered direct to your door. Plus here is also an option for a 6 bottle membership too and also for international shipping. This is a great way to guarantee getting your paws on our fastest selling, boundary pushing, and most sought after brews.

You can purchase your membership here: www.brewdog.com/product/abstrakt-addicts-club-membership

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Comments (3)

Bex 29th August, 2012 2:55pm
Ordered.Super excited about the upcoming releases!
Matt T 29th August, 2012 2:54pm
Andy H 29th August, 2012 2:54pm
Done, and done. I've had at least 3 bottles of every brew so far, and I mean to carry on the same way!