Ballast Point Beer Dinner at Musa

Wedenesday 16th November

Ballast Point Beer Dinner at Musa

Yuseff Cherney, Co-founder and HEed Brewer & Distiller at the legendary Ballast Point Brewing Company in San Diego will be hosting a Ballast Point beer dinner at Musa on Wednesday 16th Novemer, starting at 7.30.


Tickets cost £35 per head and you can book your place by calling Musa on 01224 571 771 or emailing 

There will be 6 beers paired with the following courses:

Cardamon poached Smoked Haddock, Curried Cauliflower Puree and Bombay Potato

Wasabi Spiced Beef Strip Salad with Beetroot Sorbet

Venison and Strathdon Blue Cheese Burger, Smlokey BBQ Dip and Chunky Fries

Ginger Spiced Popping Apple Frangipane with Vanilla Ice Cream

£35 per Person


Youseff giving a tour of the Ballast Point Brew-House.

Set up in 1996 by Youseff Cherney and Jack White, in the back room of their Home Brew Mart, Ballast Point has since gone on to win The World Champion Small Brewery at the 2010 World Beer Cup - the most prestigious award any brewery can recieve.

Almost 15 years after its inception, Ballast Point Brewing’s dedicated team of craftsmen (and women) is still innovating, trying new methods and ingredients, and working constantly to increase capacity to try to meet demand. More than anything, they are staying true to Jack’s dream, and their own: Real beer lovers making real good beer.

We are also going to brew a collaboration beer when Youseff is over, let us know in the comments box what you would like to see us brew together! 


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Comments (4)

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Chris 26th October, 2011 5:32pm
For the collaboration beer it would be nice to see a style Brewdog's not aimed for before. How about a big dopplebock? Maybe could throw in some odd ingredients like apples and raisins. Poss some wood chip aging as well for smoothness . Dont know if it would work as well in reality as in my head, but worth a shot!
hello,my name is .....erm...........bob ! 26th October, 2011 4:39pm
good evening in fraserburgh, this is bob calling from bermuda, do you know when the next batch of 'hello , my name is ingrid' will be available ?
Jack Massie 26th October, 2011 11:31am
Im finally going to go to a beer dinner. Can i use my discount card?