Equity Punks…assemble!


The ultimate collaborative brewday returns! Yes, we are a mere couple of weeks away from the staging of our third annual Beatnik Brewing Collective shareholder brewday, and we are busy getting everything ready to welcome an army of Equity Punks to our Ellon HQ. The 2017 Beatnik Brewday is all set to take place on Saturday 24th June and we can’t wait to host as many of our awesome BrewDog shareholders as we can at our brewery.

Equity Punks – pick up your tickets to the Beatnik Brewday via the forum here!

Equal parts #MashTag, gypsy brewing and with an all-important twist of Equity Punk genius, every year we throw the doors open to our brewhouse to one of our favourite days of the year. All this week our investors have been duking it out on the Equity Punk forum to decide what the final beer will be, with each day’s deliberations revolving around the style, hops, ABV and how we can change it up with a BrewDog-grade surprise.

So this year’s beer, which will be released on draft and in bottles as an Equity Punk-exclusive, is set to be a 70 IBU German-hopped Export Stout, running the numbers at around 7% ABV. And the twist that our shareholders voted for was to flip the colour on its head and make it a blonde stout. So we’ll be cutting back on the dark malts and instead hitting the roasty, chocolatey heights by adding a selection of ingredients to bring these aromas and flavours home.

So if you are a card-carrying BrewDog Equity Punk and you’d like to be an honorary crew member for the day, you can pick up your ticket to attend our Ellon jamboree on June 24th here. There will be a chance to see behind the scenes at the brewery your support helped build, as well as amazing food options and (of course) plenty of beers to enjoy throughout the day! For those travelling from Aberdeen buses will be heading up to Ellon – check the forum for details!

Previous Beatnik releases have included a coconut and cacao stout and an 8% ABV imperial red ale. We can’t wait to start mashing in on this year’s German-hopped blonde export stout and welcoming all of our friends and investors to the brewery on the last Saturday in June. As well as it being the largest collaborative brewday we know of, and the culmination in another year’s Beatnik voting, it’s also a fantastic day out. Equity Punks, see you there!

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Comments (4)

Paddy 04.06.2017 @ 6:06pm
Sounds rather appetising. Timing is awful though I'm heading to Glasgow for The Stone Roses gig that day so I'm out
Paul 02.06.2017 @ 2:35pm
Yeah I think this one could work, strangely
Martin 02.06.2017 @ 12:28pm
I've had a couple of 'blonde' stouts and they were both good - if you add enough coffee or chocolate instead of using roasted malts, you get the same effect without the colour.
Nitin 02.06.2017 @ 12:16pm
A white stout? Ok sounds fairly interesting